Venezuela Newslinks 13-14 May 2019

14 May 2019 22:40 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting

Urgent Message from the Embassy Protection Collective to US State Department 

Activists refuse to budge as US government tries to illegally seize Venezuelan embassy

Who knows? Who cares? If the Media Claim 50 Countries Reject Venezuela’s Elected President and Repeat It Enough It Must Be True

Further Evidence US Attacked Syria Based on False Flag

Villegas: “It is in Our Hands to Generate Enough Revolutionary Force to Free Us from the Bonds of Capitalism.”

Venezuela: Campesinos Denounce Pedro Camejo’s Failures Obstructing Food Production

US Special Operations Command Publish New “Regime Change” Manual

Venezuelan Communes Protect the State

Julian Assange Newslinks 14 May 2019

Pompeo arrives in Sochi for talks with Lavrov

Transfer of Venezuelan embassy in US to ‘fake government’ would be an ‘act of war’ – Max Blumenthal

US police raid Venezuelan embassy to evict pro-Maduro activists defending it from ‘illegal seizure’

United States and Venezuela: A Historical Background

Why ‘Anti-imperialist’ in the U.S. Still Means ‘Paid for by Russia’

Bomb Iran Half Way Back To The Stone Age

Embassy Protection Collective Activists Face Eviction From Venezuela Embassy

Venezuela crisis: What remains of the Caracas middle-class?

Lavrov to discuss Venezuela, Iran and Syria with Pompeo on May 14

Embassy Protection Collective Releases Statement on 34th Day of Venezuelan Embassy Standoff

China-US Trade War: Hiatus or Busted Deal?

FRANCE 24: Inside Venezuela’s upper class bubble, Venezuela Embassy Siege, and more (Videos)

Pasqualina Curcio: “Hyperinflation is a Powerful Imperialist Weapon”

Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective Statement

Táchira: National Productive Alliance Reenergizes Struggle for Land and Production

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