Iran Newslinks 16-17 May 2019

17 May 2019 20:20 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated through the day

Foreign Office warns against Iran travel for British-Iranians

Top Ten Differences Between the Iraq War and Trump’s Proposed Iran War

War and Peace: Bolton and Trump Tell a Confused Story About Possible Military Action against Iran

US speaks of peace talks, while ‘holding a gun’ at Tehran – top Iranian official

Iran’s short-range missile can reach US fleet in Gulf – Revolutionary Guards deputy commander

Don’t Iraq Iran by David Swanson

Target Iran! By Francis Boyle

From False Hope to False Flags, Trump Sets the Stage for Global War

The Pompeo Bolton Tag Team from Hell

Iran’s Man in Iraq: ‘America is Not the Old America. It is Weaker Than Ever’

The Dead Don’t Die: They March to War

Washington Needs New Mindset for a US-Russia Reset

Trump ‘does not want war with Iran’

Congress Wants to Steal $1.68 Billion from Iran

The US war drive against Iran and the conflict with Europe

Modern Merchants of Death: The NSO Group, Spyware and Human Rights

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