China Newslinks 4 June 2019

4 June 2019 • 19:00 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day

From the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit to the G20: United Eurasia Stands, Divided It Falls?

Between Dystopia and Democratic Socialism

Tiananmen 30th anniversary: Thousands hold huge vigil in Hong Kong

US War on Huawei is a War on Tech Sovereignty

Xi Jinping: Russia and China staying in tune with the times

China: from revolution to Tiananmen

China to test-fire Russia’s newly supplied S-400 missiles in June, says source

‘Lunatic ravings’: Beijing lashes out at Pompeo for comments on Tiananmen Square crackdown

China issues travel alert for US, warns of ‘harassment’ of its citizens there

South Asia’s Role in the Pentagon’s “Indo-Pacific Strategy Report”

Manufacturing War With Russia

Manufacturing War With Russia

Russia’s Middle East Brinkmanship vs. Acquiescence to Trump’s Greater Israel Plan

US says China playing ‘blame game’ in trade battle

Donald Trump in Japan

Victory to the Political Revolution in China

The fight against Trump must become the struggle for socialism

Australian PM’s trip to Solomon Islands highlights intensifying US confrontation with China

The Murdering of Julian Assange

Bipartisan Support for Trump’s Aggressive Iran Policy Reveals the Hollowness of Russiagate

Tiananmen: The Massacre that Wasn’t

Today’s links

The US Indo-Pacific Strategy: Demonization, Militarization and Weaponization

“They Are Prone to Cracking”: FAA Orders Boeing to Replace Wing Components on Hundreds of 737s

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