China Newslinks 14-15 June 2019

15 June 2019 • 20: 00– The New Dark Age

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Today’s links 15 June 2019

US-India Strategic Partnership: Pompeo Hinted at a Big “Surprise”. Contain both Russia and China

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Britain: Grenfell – two years on, unite to fight for justice By Nico Baldion

14 June 2019 — In Defence of Marxism

Nico Baldion (Chair of Kensington and Chelsea Momentum) and Dan Langley

Image: Natalie Oxford

When Theresa May made a tearful resignation announcement in front of Downing Street recently, many posts on social media went viral speaking about the lack of tears from the Prime Minister over Grenfell. In any case, Grenfell families wouldn’t have been comforted by any tears then, and they certainly won’t be now. They want justice.

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Why the S-400 Is a More Formidable Threat to US Arms Industry Than You Think By Federico Pieraccini

15 June 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Generally, when discussing air-defense systems here, we are referring to Russian devices that have become famous in recent years, in particular the S-300 (and its variants) and the S-400. Their deployment in Syria has slowed down the ability of such advanced air forces as those of the United States and Israel to target the country, increasing as it does the embarrassing possibility of having their fourth- or fifth-generation fighters shot down.

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Chavez, a Mirror of the People: A Conversation with Edgar Perez By Cira Pascual Marquina

14 June 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Edgar Perez, better known as “Gordo Edgar,” participated in the most important events in recent Venezuelan history, from the Caracazo to the 4F insurrection to the anti‐coup mobilization that brought Chavez back to office in April 2002. A well-known personality in the popular movement, Edgar grew up in the 23 de Enero barrio in Caracas, but most of his activism took place in La Vega, a very poor barrio that, like 23 de Enero, takes pride in its history of rebellion and grassroots organization. Growing up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Edgar calls La Vega, where we interviewed him, “a school for revolutionaries.” In this conversation, “Gordo Edgar” reflects on the vicissitudes of the popular movement while analyzing the role of Hugo Chavez in the Venezuelan revolution.

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Study Linking US Sanctions to Venezuelan Deaths Buried by Reuters for Over a Month By Joe Emersberger

14 June 2019 — FAIR

Reuters: Venezuela turns to Russia, Cuba, China in health crisis

Reuters (5/22/19) attributes the idea that US sanctions are causing a health crisis in Venezuela to Venezuelan Health Minister Carlos Alvarado.

I emailed Stephanie Nebehay of Reuters on May 22 about her article, “Venezuela Turns to Russia, Cuba, China in Health Crisis” (5/22/19). Her article depicted the impact of US sanctions as an allegation that Venezuelan government officials are alone in making. The article stated:

The opposition blames [medical shortages] on economic incompetence and corruption by the leftist movement in power for two decades, but [President Nicolás] Maduro says US economic sanctions are the cause.

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Iran Decided To Put Maximum Pressure On Trump – Here Is How It Will Do It

14 June 2019 — Moon of Alabama

Thirteen months ago the United States launched a total economic war against Iran. It demands its capitulation. Now Iran decided to respond in kind. It will wage a maximum pressure campaign on U.S. economic interests until the Trump administration concedes its defeat. Shipping in the Middle East will soon become very hazardous. Oil prices will go through the roof. Trump will be trapped between two choices neither of which he will like.

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Golunov Case: Opportunity for Cynical Western Meddling

14 June 219 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The apparent frame-up of Russian journalist Ivan Golunov on drug charges and his subsequent release from custody certainly seems like a gross miscarriage of justice by police authorities. If it transpires that Golunov was indeed framed-up by corrupt police officers then those officers should face prosecution accordingly.

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This Assange Supporter Excoriating The Press Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day By Caitlin JohnsonThis Assange Supporter Excoriating The Press Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day by Caitlin Johnstone

14 June 2019 — Caitlin Johnson

Julian Assange’s latest US extradition hearing was a brief affair which saw the WikiLeaks founder’s next hearing scheduled for sometime after the end of February, nearly at the end of his 50-week sentence for a bail conditions violation. According to Reuters Assange was lucid and spirited enough to argue with the prosecution a bit, telling the American lawyer via videolink, “I didn’t break any password whatsoever.”

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