Odd NYT ‘Correction’ Exculpates British Government And CIA From Manipulating Trump Over Skripal Novichok Incident

6 June 2019 — Moon of Alabama

A piece in the New York Times showed how in March 2018 Trump was manipulated by the CIA and MI6 into expelling 60 Russian diplomats. Eight weeks after it was published the New York Times ‘corrects’ that narrative and exculpates the CIA and MI6 of that manipulation. Its explanation for the correction makes little sense.

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Warring Against Sources: The Australian National Security State, Journalism and the Public Interest By Dr. Binoy Kampmark

5 June 2019 — Global Research

“What’s gone on this morning sends clear and dangerous signals to journalists and newsrooms across Australia.  This will chill public interest reporting.” — News Corp Australia spokesperson, The West Australian, June 4, 2019

These are dark times for journalists and publishers.  It did not seem coincidental that Annika Smethurst, a News Corp journalist and political affairs editor, would be a target of an Australian Federal Police warrant.  Chelsea Manning, courtesy of a ruling by Judge Anthony Trenga, remains in federal custody in the United States.  Julian Assange is facing decline in the maximum security abode that is Belmarsh prison in the United Kingdom.    

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Syria Newslinks 5-6 June 2019

6 June 2019 — The New Dark Age

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Repression of North Korean Diplomats – Another Red Herring from the Chosun Ilbo

China to establish its first rural investment management bank on Hainan

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Don’t Despair Because Of The Climate Collapse. Use It As A Motivator For Revolution

5 June 2019 — Revolution Dispatch

To confront the climate crisis, we all need to reassess how we view our place in life. As we head for a future where the water levels could be raised seven feet by 2100, where large parts of the planet will become uninhabitable because of how hot they’ll be, and where fascism and violence proliferate as a consequence of this catastrophe, people are trying to find ways to accept the reality before us and find inner healing. As a scientific report came out this week showing that climate feedback loops, refugee influxes, and armed conflicts over resources will perhaps result in “the end of human global civilization as we know it” by 2050, this shift in consciousness is essential for our sanity and our survival.

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Corporate Media Have Second Thoughts About Exiling Julian Assange From Journalism

5 June 2019 — FAIR

“Democracy dies in darkness,” reads the Washington Post slogan—though apparently sometimes it’s good to put people in prison for exposing government wrongdoing (4/11/19).

After British police arrested Julian Assange on April 11, the first instinct of corporate journalists was to perform a line-drawing exercise. In so doing, corporate media dutifully laid the groundwork for the US Department of Justice’s escalating political persecution of the WikiLeaks founder, and set the stage for a renewed assault on a free and independent press by the Trump administration.

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From Glyphosate to Front Groups: Fraud, Deception and Toxic Tactics By Colin Todhunter

5 June 2019 — Global Research

Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal and the British Medical Association Council Chairman, Chaand Nagpaul.

Her purpose is to not only draw attention to the impact of biocides, not least that of glyphosate, on health and the environment but also to bring attention to the corruption that allows this to continue.

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Black Agenda Report 6 June 2019: BLM Founder Wants To Shrink Black Lives; How To Protest Trump; Liz Warren Wants Green Bombs, Not Green New Deal

6 June 2019 — Black Agenda Report

Black Lives Matter Founder Launches Huge Project to Shrink Black Lives

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
Alicia Garza and her crew conducted what they claim is the biggest survey of Black political opinion ever — but failed to ask a single question about foreign policy.
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