Iran News Links 8 July 2019

8 July 2019 • 18:35 — The New Dark Age

Piracy on the High Seas… US and British Aim to Sink Iran Nuclear Deal by Finian Cunningham

US and Europe to Iran: Do as We Say, Not as We Do — Or Else!

Hong Kong’s Poisoned Chalice

Iran’s shock therapy breaks JCPOA stalemate

UN nuclear watchdog verifying info on Iran’s nuclear enrichment above agreed limit

Iran News Links 8 July 2019

The G20 Summit in Osaka

Netanyahu Compares Iranian Uranium Enrichment to Nazi Invasion of the Rhineland

Cheated by the JCPOA, Iran No Longer Trusts Europe and Is Heading towards Full Withdrawal

Nobody Is Talking About the Sanctions Against Syria!

As Iran is pushed to step further away from nuclear deal, what’s next?

‘Piracy, pure and simple’: Iran’s FM lashes out at UK over supertanker seizure

Press review: Iran raises nuke stakes and USAID plunges into crusade to malign Kremlin

Iran exceeds uranium enrichment level set by nuclear deal as Europe fails to resist US sanctions

Kremlin regrets consequences of Iran’s cuts to nuclear deal commitments

US Foreign Policy Is a War on Disobedience

Piracy on High Seas… US and British Aim to Sink Iran Nuclear Deal

Soros and Koch Co-Found New Think Tank to Restore Obama’s Iran Policy

To Think Outside the Box, It Helps First to Understand What’s IN the Box

Pompeo warns Iran of further sanctions after expansion of its nuclear program

Russia hopes Iran’s uranium enrichment level won’t exceed 5% – envoy

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