The UN a League of Assassins: The Decline of Everything That Has Been

10 July 2019 — Internationalist 360°

By Ricardo Arturo Salgado Bonilla

For many weeks, Honduras has been in a convulsive situation. Several dead and wounded at the hands of the repressive forces of the state, political prisoners, militarization of the country, military entry to the campus of the National Autonomous University of Honduras, shooting students. In addition, days of brutal repression against high school students; children with stones against trained and armed assassins! But there is no report by Mrs. Michelle Bachelet on Honduras.

For ten years after the military coup d’état, in Honduras any vestige of institutionality has been destroyed, impunity has been imposed, sustained by state, military and paramilitary violence. All human rights have been absolutely violated; and of course the children of this country are not on the list of those protected by UNICEF, nor does UNESCO acknowledge that the children are subjected to the infamous “Guardians of the Fatherland” programme, in which soldiers teach children to “play” with real guns. Honduras does NOT exist.

But beyond the lament, which is legitimate, it is necessary to understand the accelerated decomposition that all multilateral organizations in the world have suffered in less than a decade. While the United States had managed to use the UN to lend legal currency to its wars, member countries claimed to have been deceived by the “irrefutable evidence” presented by gringo intelligence.

The decomposition of multilateral organizations such as the UN and the OAS has been proportional to the destruction of the Honduran state. This statement may seem excessive, from the voice of an individual living in a “banana republic,” and there will be no lack of apologists for all the “wonders” achieved by humanity thanks to multilateralism. But it is clear that today we do not live in any multilateralism; no organization serves the purpose for which it was created, and all are at the service of an agonizing and putrefying world order.

Today the mask of ingenuity, has fallen completely. A decade ago, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously condemned the coup d’état that removed Manuel Zelaya Rosales from power in Honduras. That was an important milestone, which all international media maintained was irrelevant. What followed was an accelerated disintegration of that organization, which, in its abject submission to transnational capitalism, has turned a deaf ear to the desperate cries of the victims in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq. The United Nations has not been a belligerent organization in the fight against ISIL and other terrorist organizations. It has been silent and complicit with terrorist states such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Colombia and Honduras.

For Hondurans, international organizations have become colonial agencies at the service of the United States. The OAS, the European Union and the United Nations themselves have served to endorse two electoral frauds, and have been generous to the regime of Juan Orlando Hernandez, who was provided a space for an alleged dialogue in 2018, which only served to deceive some individuals, and to provide oxygen for the dictator. At this moment, for these organizations to speak of “dialogue” is a deception and tragedy for us.

If the complicit silence they maintain in the face of Colombia’s murderous regime is visible to many, then the way they ignore Honduras is even more cynical and cruel. Both realities are not disconnected. Colombian and Israeli advisors began arriving in the country weeks after the 2009 military coup d’état. They have trained the paramilitary gangs that turned Honduras into the most violent country on earth. The death squads, which have claimed the lives of tens of thousands of young people, are part of this structure, which is moreover the only support for the dictatorship in this country.

But Madame Bachellet has not visited us. She went on a mission to Venezuela; to see how Guaidó is “repressed” by being left alone to conspire in the light of day, walking around the streets of Caracas like a spectre without anyone ” persecuting him”, or how Leopoldo López has appeared in front of machine guns to overthrow the legitimate government. These criminals are included in her report as the victims of the worst form of repression. Meanwhile, our political prisoners: Edwin Espinal, Rommel Herrera and Raúl Eduardo Álvarez, all young people, are kept in maximum security prisons, with the most violent and dangerous prisoners in the country. There is no protection for them, no one has said that the regime is planning a supposed “mutiny” in the prison to murder these young men.

Madame Bachellet expresses concern about the situation of “thousands of Venezuelans” who are forced to flee, but she is not concerned about the thousands of Hondurans who migrate daily, fleeing terror, violence, misery, from all the crimes of the regime. For her, this is not an exodus, in fact, it is not even happening. The discourse that places Venezuelans fleeing the brutal imperialist blockade, but which ignores the beastly nature of the Honduran regime and the criminal outcome of neoliberal policies, as “victims of Maduro” is pusillanimous.

Michelle Bachelet’s report on her visit to Venezuela, far from shedding light on what she discovered, reveals a new campaign at the United Nations level to garner support for the gringo cause against Venezuela, while at the same time exposing the fundamental task of these organizations that today are exclusively dedicated to serving the unipolar cause. We can confirm that countries that are not the focus of U.S. aggression do not exist, and that we are not the subjects in terms of human rights.

It is repugnant that the international community has reached such a level of cynicism that Juan Orlando Hernandez, a member of the Lima Group (he, because we Hondurans do not support that rubbish), delivers sermons on democracy, development and well-being, while maintaining a corrupt, criminal and illegal regime in Honduras. It is as if the judges invited John Dillinger (with Dillinger’s pardon) to lecture on honesty and peace.

Madame Bachellet, with these actions, has entered a dark place in history, because hers will be the victims of infamy in Venezuela, hers will be the victims in Honduras. In their sepulchral silence over Honduras, goes the lives of our political prisoners, who are imprisoned for their conscience, and not for commission or business.

This international system must be replaced. It is functioning as an assassin of the powerful against the peoples, taking away their every reason for being, and forcing us to rethink the world and the type of relations we must build. An organization that conceals the tragedy of entire peoples should not only be exposed, but judged and condemned for crimes against humanity.

Honduras will not remain silent, it will continue to fight, increasingly, knowing that these organizations are accomplices of the owners of the world (through theft). The infamy to be defeated here, and along with it will go the Bachellet report, both, the villainy regarding Venezuela, and the report she never made regarding the truth in Honduras.

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