Futurebook: We take your personal data. Seriously!

11 > July 2019 — Open Rights Group

Last week we launched the interactive parody social media site Futurebook to show what the Internet would look like without privacy or freedom of expression. Now we need your help to get the word out.

Share link: https://www.futurebook.co/

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The scary thing about Futurebook is that it could easily become a reality. Everyday brings more news of Government plans to control what we see and say online, and after we leave the European Union new international agreements could roll back our digital rights.

It’s up to us to ensure that the UK Government chooses a path after Brexit that protects our basic rights online. It won’t be easy, but we’ll get the future we fight for.

With your help we can cut through the noise and show why protecting basic rights online is so important. Please share Futurebook with your networks today.

Share link: https://www.futurebook.co/

Thank you for helping to protect UK rights online. JimJim Killock Executive Director Open Rights Group

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