Julian Assange Newslinks 15 July 2019

15 July 2019 — The New Dark Age

Three Months Since Arrest of WikiLeaks Publisher: UK Government Holds “Media Freedom” Conference While Imprisoning Assange

Western Elites Spruik Media Freedom While Torturing Julian Assange In Belmarsh Supermax. But …

Mainstream Media Hide Skripal’s Connections to Russiagate-Trump Case
Meanwhile, publisher and journalist Julian Assange languished in Belmarsh supermax prison a short train ride away. His plight failed to rate a …

Rally in Melbourne demands freedom for Julian Assange
“For many people in my generation, we look up to Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning as figures of heroism and courage,” he said. “They have both …

UK: SEP wins support for Julian Assange at Durham Miners’ Gala
The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) took the campaign to free imprisoned WikiLeaks journalist Julian Assange to the 135th Durham Miners’ Gala on …

‘Deeply hypocritical’ UK govt vows to protect media freedom as Assange sits in British jail (VIDEO)
… foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has unveiled an initiative that aims to safeguard the press – even as he defends the imprisonment of Julian Assange.

Voices from the protests against Trump’s attack on immigrants
Angel told reporters he was moved by the revelations of Wikileaks and the WSWS campaign to free Julian Assange. “I love the World Socialist Web …

Trump’s JCPOA Pullout an Act of Geopolitical Vandalism
The above is from the UK regime’s police that forcibly arrested and imprisoned Julian Assange. He’s unlawfully held for extradition to the US (unless …

Bikies, gangland and killers: Our biggest crime shocks
… whose case is now under appeal, a US police officer convicted of killing Justine Damond and Julian Assange ending up behind bars in the UK, with …

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