Netherlands Indirectly Admitted Own Complicity In MH17 Tragedy

8 September 2019 — South Front

The 35 for 35 prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russia once again revealed the double-faced stance of the so-called ‘Civilized World’ towards the MH17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine.

Ahead of the prisoner swap, the Netherlands urged Ukraine to not hand over Vladimir Tsemakh to Russia. Tsemah, a citizen of Ukraine (as well as many others people handed to Russia) and a former member of an air defense unit of self-defense forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Ukrainian special forces kidnapped Tsemakh from the DPR and moved him to Kiev in June. According to initial claims by Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU), they detained the driver of a towing truck that transported Buk missile involved in the incident with Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines (flight MH17) over eastern Ukraine in July 2014. However, later, the SBU was forced to denounce its own claims. Tsemakh’s air defense unit consisted of one vehicle with Zu-23 anti-aircraft gun and was not deployed near the incident site when the tragedy took place.

Months of torturing and pressure by Ukrainian intelligence did not force Tsemakh to participate in the slapstick comedy show called ‘international investigation of the MH17 crash’. In fact, Ukraine obtained no real evidence confirming any Tsemakh links to the MH17 case because if it had, Kiev would never hand over him to Russia.

Therefore, the official mainstream propaganda turned Tsemakh into a ‘witness’ of the MH17 tragedy.

Netherlands Indirectly Admitted Own Complicity In MH17 Tragedy

Vladimir Tsemakh

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said that the Dutch government contacted Ukraine “several times and at the very highest level” to not hand over Tsemakh in the framework of the swap deal. The foreign minister said that the authorities had questioned Tsemakh before he left for Russia but the Netherlands still profoundly regretted the outcome.

By this move, the Netherlands admitted that it is not a neutral side and is not interested in an objective investigation of the MH17 tragedy. The Dutch side had a lot of time to question the supposed witness. However, this was not enough and it wanted the person to remain in Ukraine, where Tsemakh would be subjected to constant physical and psychological pressure.

There are two main explanations of this situation:

  • The Dutch governemnt, as a agent of the Euro-Atlantic establishment, has lost all links to the reality and is not even pretending that it cares about the human rights and the objective invesigation;
  • Representatives of the European elite involved in covering up the real side behind the MH17 crash are panicking because the mainstream ‘Russia is guilty’ narrative has collapsed.

Meanwhile, concers have surfaced that the Dutch side may have manipulated data from the MH17’s black boxes. According to an independent technical expert Yuri Antipov, “the Dutch are deceiving everyone by” wiping “the last seconds of the recording of this fundamental parameter.”

“The Dutch say that recording on CVR and FDR stopped at 13 hours 20 minutes 3 seconds,” the technical expert explains. “That is, both recorders stopped recording parameters at a time.”

However, Antipov says that the FDR data published by the official MH17 investigation is different from what the investigators want to demonstrate to the world.

“The recording of the pressure sensor inside the aircraft on the diagram stops at 13 hours 20 minutes and 1 second. That is, two seconds earlier,” Antipov said adding that this is a signal of the fraud. So, the official investigation just removed data on the air pressure inside the aircraft 2 seconds before the incident.

Under international law (as well as laws of a majority of the states), the concealment of facts related to the crime is a signal of complicity in the crime. The Dutch government, which is allegedly a neutral side in the MH17 case, is de-facto impeding the objective investigation of the tragedy.

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