Santa Trump comes to Brixton

10 December 2019 — Global Justice Now

Imagine if you met Donald Trump on your high street handing out boxes of chlorinated chicken and pesticide contaminated baby food  – all with festive Christmas cheer!

Activists from the office went out with our ‘Trump selection’ boxes this morning to do just that, highlighting the dangers of a trade deal with Trump’s America. See what happened:

The ‘Trump Selection’ has finally landed in the UK: freshly chlorinated chickens and pesticide-filled baby food with traces of arsenic and limitless sugar to help your child grow stronger… and more to come soon! We’re kidding. These products are not yet available in the UK, but they could be after a trade deal with Trump! And that’s no joke. Secret talks have already started between the US and the UK. A trade deal with Trump could undermine food and environmental standards, further open the NHS to US corporations, see medicine prices massively increased and block climate action. But we can stop this! Learn more and take action at
A US-UK trade deal would be used to drive through a corporate agenda to lower standards. We know from the leaked documents of the trade talks so far that they have already been discussing how to sell the idea of chlorinated chicken to the UK public. We need to speak out against this.

Join activists across the country and order your Trump in Your Trolley pack today.

Order your activist pack

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