Exposed: Bellingcat fabricate evidence, deliberately hide documents in new ‘Russian spy plot’

28 November, 2019 — Arms Watch

The UK group caught manipulating data in order to slander actual investigative journalism

By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

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One of the documents, which Bellingcat deliberately hides, is a diplomatic note from the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, dated 5 May 2015. The Bulgarian authorities approve a diplomatic flight with weapons from Burgas to Adana in Turkey. The exporter is Emco, LTD, Bulgaria, according to documents from the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Bulgaria.

Bellingcat, an online investigation organization headed by Eliot Higgins, has deliberately and with malicious intent manipulated evidence by hiding crucially important documents in order to slander me as a journalist and misrepresent my investigation, 350 flights carry weapons for terrorists, as “intentionally incorrect”.

On 23 November 2019 the group published an article entitled, “The Dreadful Eight: GRU’s Unit 29155 and the 2015 Poisoning of Emilian Gebrev”. According to Bellingcat’s Investigation Team, the Bulgarian arms dealer Emilian Gebrev, owner of Emco Ltd., Bulgaria, was poisoned by GRU agents in 2015 ( a claim which so far is based only on the Gebrev’s words). Bellingcat ignores the statement of the Bulgarian Attorney General and all Bulgarian institutions that there is no evidence of such poisoning taking place.

Bellingcat goes on further and attempts to implicate me as a journalist in a deliberate attempt to discredit Mr. Gebrev internationally as his company Emco appears in a previous investigation into Silk Way diplomatic flights carrying weapons for terrorists in Syria.  My investigation was originally published on July 2, 2017 by the Bulgarian newspaper Trud Daily. My sources were diplomatic documents from the Azeri Embassy in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry which were leaked online following a cyberattack.

Read the entire article HERE

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