Bolivia News Links 22-23 December 2019

23 December 2019 — The New Dark Age

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Late-Stage Capitalism Is Creating A Brutal New Kind Of Global Despotism

Impeachment Indicts Both Parties and Clarifies Our Tasks for 2020

Media, Human Rights Groups Silent Over Politically-Motivated Murder Of Journalist In Bolivia

Bolivia: The Resources of the Dictatorship

Bolivia’s Morales calls party meeting to talk presidential election candidate

Bolivia: The Usurper Will Not Go to the Polls, Not Even at the Right Time

Information Clearing House Headlines 20-21 December 2019

The US, the EU and Klaus Barbie

Baltasar Garzon to Act as Evo Morales’ Lawyer to Invalidate Warrant

Media, Human Rights Groups Silent Over Politically-Motivated Murder of Journalist in Bolivia

Bolivia’s MAS Leader: “Our Advantage is Not to be Afraid of Death in Defense of the Country”

The Real Lesson of Afghanistan? Regime Change Does Not Work

The Real Lesson of Afghanistan Is That Regime Change Does Not Work

Bolivia’s New US-Backed Interim Gov’t Wastes No Time Privatizing Economy

Bolivia News Links 19-20 December 2019

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