Join the #CantPayWontPay day of action this Saturday

25 June 2020 — London Renters Union

Join renters from across London this Saturday as we come together for our first day of action for our Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign.

This is an opportunity to use eye-catching actions to publicise the campaign demands, invite more people to join, and to express solidarity on the streets with your fellow renters.

The focus of actions on this day will be on the way that the current housing system is particularly dangerous to our black and brown communities. Racism has always been a feature of our housing system – our racialised members are impacted both by racist landlords and racist laws, such as the Right to Rent legislation and no recourse to public funds (NRPF), which make it more difficult to access good quality housing and justice in the housing system.

Why is the London Renters Union taking action this Saturday?

  • Hundreds of thousands of renters across London are in debt to their landlords, according to research by the Resolution Foundation. Unless the government cancels rent debt and makes the eviction ban permanent, hundreds of thousands of renters face eviction.
  • Black and brown communities are being disproportionately impacted by the Covid 19 crisis, including by being most at risk of losing jobs and incomes and facing homelessness.   
  • For some migrants, No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) visa conditions prevent them from receiving housing benefit and universal credit, putting them at greater risk of eviction, homelessness, and harassment by landlords.
  • We have a specific demand around racism in housing: No borders in housing. But racism also interplays with our other campaign demands.For example, a cancellation in all rent debt, would ensure that all renters are protected, including migrants with No Recourse to Public Funds, who are likely to have less access to benefits.

But we won’t give up until all of us get what we need to be safe. Let’s show the government and decision makers that renters are getting organised!

How can I join the day of action?

  1. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign or placard with a demand which resonates with you! You could hold a sign about racism in the housing system, NRPF or rent debt and share it using the hashtag #CantPayWontPay.
  2. Make a plan with some friends or family to make banners or put signs up in your local highstreet like the examples here and here.
  3. Share the link to the campaign website:
  4. We’ll be creating some energy online on the day too so get ready to share the content we’re putting together!

Don’t forget to spread the word about the campaign to fellow renters who are struggling through loss of income. Making this a meaningful day means getting organised.

Together we can force the government to keep renters safe from eviction and rent debt.

In friendship and solidarity,

London Renters Union

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