Capitalism: All Icing no Cake

27 June 2020 — theplanningmotivecom

On Wednesday, 25th June, new coronavirus cases in the USA spiked to 45,557, (NBC news). This was the highest since the pandemic broke. Investors thought Covid was in the rear-view mirror when It was always in front of the windscreen, but these investors, driving with their headlights off and too short to look over the dashboard, were nonetheless confident that their FED GPS screen was directing them securely down the money highway. What a crash is in the making.


The British Capitalist Class may rue the day they put their weight behind a Johnson government rather than a Corbyn government. A Labour government would have dealt more efficiently and wisely with the pandemic than the “disruptor” Cummings and his private sector mates ever could. And, a Corbyn led government would have arrived at an agreeable accommodation with the EU. In the end the capitalists got what they deserved, and it has cost them trillions, trillions which we must ensure they pay for, not the British working class.


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