Tell the government to end the rent debt crisis

1 July 2020 — Generation Rent

“While the immediate public health effects of coronavirus are subsiding to a degree, the economic impact is only just starting to be felt. So if nothing else is put in place huge numbers of tenants will be unable to pay their rent and will lose their homes as a result.”

That’s what our Policy Manager Caitlin told MPs on the Housing Committee on Monday.

In the past three months, more than half a million private renters have got behind on their rent. Housing benefit doesn’t cover sky high rents, and many of us aren’t even entitled to support.

In August the temporary ban on evictions will be lifted and the Government has put nothing in place to protect people who are building up rent debt.

This rent debt crisis will soon become a homelessness crisis.

But, together, we can convince the Government to protect renters. William, will you call on the Government to end the rent debt crisis today?

To end the rent debt crisis we need a package of measures from the government:

  • No evictions due to Covid-19
  • Raise LHA to coverage average rents, and let everyone who needs it get it
  • Clear rent arrears with a new Coronavirus Home Retention Scheme

Right now, renters are bearing the costs of the pandemic, and with unaffordable rent still due, landlords’ profits are being protected. Under our proposals, the government would clear renters’ debts, but only cover up to 80% of the rent.

It’s time for the Government to end the rent debt crisis and make sure that no home is at risk. William, do you agree?

Thanks for your continued support for Generation Rent. I’m delighted to have joined the campaign as the new Director. Together we can achieve positive change.



Alicia Kennedy


Generation Rent

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