Selected Stories: Annexation of Palestine. Crime against Humanity

3 July 2020 — Global Research

Security Council, General Assembly Never Held Israel Accountable for Violations of UN Principles

By Michael Jansen, July 03, 2020

There is little doubt that some countries emerging from the death and devastation of World War II at least temporarily meant to commit to these principles. But, commitments did not for long stand the test of time. The four permanent members, the US, UK, France and Russia, had interests which assumed paramountcy over principles and conflicted with the Charter. Palestine is, of course, the most dramatic case. Western actions have consistently violated the UN Charter and international law. Despite the intervention of five Arab countries, Palestine was denied independence because of the determination of Britain, the US and France to partition it between the two-thirds Palestinian Arab indigenous population and the one-third Jewish colonists.

Israel’s Annexation Plans Explained in Nine Questions

By Daniel Hilton, July 03, 2020

What would happen to the Palestinians? Unlike residents of East Jerusalem and the Golan, Palestinians in the West Bank will not be offered Israeli citizenship or permanent residency. Instead, Netanyahu told pro-government newspaper Yisrael Hayom, the Palestinians will live in isolated communities ruled by the Palestinian Authority, surrounded by territory considered Israeli.

Zionist Political Violence: Patterns and Motives

By Dr. Zuhair Sabbagh, July 02, 2020

This attempt to tackle the issue of Zionist political violence will not constitute a quantitative and historical research, but will seek to explore the patterns and to analyze the motives behind the violent political practices carried out by the Zionist movement in Palestine over a period of more than a hundred years. Before embarking upon this complex task, there is a need to shed some light on the phenomenon of general violence and its diverse patterns. This will be done by giving some internationally accepted definitions of violence in general and political violence in particular.

Israel Guilty of Crimes against Humanity, Genocide against the People of Palestine

By Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, July 02, 2020

Israel is currently in the process of implementing the illegal annexation of Palestinian lands. The issue of “illegality” must be put in context. We are dealing with a broader issue: Crimes against Humanity and Genocide against the People of Palestine. Annexation is a crime against Humanity. And the Western governments which support Israel’s actions or turn a blind eye are complicit. Donald Trump has given the Green Light to Netanyahu. Trump is responsible for supporting and endorsing an illegal and criminal undertaking.

Remembering the Handover of ‘One Palestine, Complete

By Jehan Alfarra, July 01, 2020

Marking 100 years since the handover of Palestine, the receipt signed by Herbert Samuel for “one Palestine, complete” has been included in a panel on the Palestinian History Tapestry, which tells the story of the indigenous people of Palestine through skilled, traditional Palestinian embroidery. “The real lesson of the story of ‘one Palestine, complete’,” says Palestinian author and patron of the Tapestry project Dr Ghada Karmi, “is the light it throws on Zionism’s influence over the development of British policy, as early as 1920.”

Stop Treating Israel as a State Above the Law and End Annexation

By Saeb Erekat, June 26, 2020

Trump and his team have dismissed international law and UN resolutions as tools for peacemaking and have instead endorsed some of Israel’s most hardcore views. For the advocates of annexation, this is their historic moment and their short-term goals are clear. November’s US election is pushing this camp to say: “It’s now or never.” The messianic cohort represented by US Ambassador David Friedman deeply feels that this moment will mark their legacy.

UN Security Council Members Slam Illegal Israeli Annexation Scheme

By Stephen Lendman, June 25, 2020

Israeli settlements breach international law, an indisputable fact. The UN Charter bans use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, as well as forcible acquisition of territory not its own.

Chokehold on Diplomat Exposes Israel’s Special Type of Apartheid

By Jonathan Cook, June 23, 2020

Israel continues to view these Palestinians – its non-Jewish citizens – as a subversive element that needs to be controlled and subdued through measures reminiscent of the old South Africa. But at the same time, Israel is desperate to portray itself as a western-style democracy. So strangely, the Palestinian minority has found itself treated both as second-class citizens and as an unwilling shop-window dummy on which Israel can hang its pretensions of fairness and equality. That has resulted in two contradictory faces.

Annexation of Palestine or “Uneventful Occurrence” — What Do You See?

By Rima Najjar, June 16, 2020

When you visualize it, as I try to, what does Israel’s forthcoming annexation of parts of the West Bank look like to you? I mean, what images do you expect to see when Israel makes its declaration, as is expected, in July? Do you perhaps imagine scenes of violence, terror and incitement to play out on social media and on the few seconds of mainstream TV that will be devoted to the announcement?

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3 thoughts on “Selected Stories: Annexation of Palestine. Crime against Humanity

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  2. megatronsthinktank says:

    Two major Problems are, tha both the leadership, too often conservative (means: blind, disobjective, not properly informed, incompetent, biased, prejudiced, in a ” small ” sudo-world virtually-mentally hilariousestly unrealistically dwelling, nowhere dwelling – by their injust deeds harmful), and the Population of for Example Europe, are not objective:

    They “grip” Issues only superficially, hence the “total chaos”: “ISRAEL” gets (either racistically-antisemically shunned and attacked monstrously terroristically, or) simply “TAKEN” as if “THE STATE OF ISRAEL” “WOULD BE” JUDAISM: But that’s not, naught at all, real nor any “Judaism”, what the STATE of Israel under the horrible criminal “netanyahu” does, but IS agression, violence, even annexation, as in, meaning, is not – quite, but far from – ethics, simply.

    THIS “wedge”, hole, abyss, between Ethics, which is Equality, and a “nation’s government and most of society of a certain culture”, must be seen. Countries’ governments, nor some type of dull mainstream of society, are – even – now, nowadays, not quite ideal, bu far from perfect, but indeed extremely abusive, senselessly against Innocents in fascist unmanner unhumanely “rigid”, but exactly against extremely evil people never faring:

    The west is a huge police-state liar authority, its structure entirely feudalistic, meaning, really futile, doomed, because unfair

    The west’s academy is mostly full of people, who have no clue about criticism, about politics. Trotzkist-Communists as Such don’t even have their own official Party – which would differ from for example “leninist” parties. But I represent the “Flag” of Trotzki. Surely not of the vile power-idiot lenin.

    Govermnents don’t protect, but are discriminators, unable, to even see the truth about People. That is inacceptable.

    police on and on lies about their own violence deeeds, which were sudden, and injustified.

    this WILL have consequences.


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