COVID-19 – Remdesivir: License to Kill. Hydroxychloroquine: Prohibition to Cure

18 July 2020 — Global Research

Remdesivir’s fight against Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is somewhat symbolic of the fight of medical journals, of corrupt institutions against field medicine, of the many general practitioners who are at the bedside.

Remdesivir is an expensive molecule, owned by a pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences Inc. In the race for a miracle cure for COVID-19, Gilead is trying to win because it can make a lot of money [1].

1] Hydroxychloroquine is a royalty-free, publicly available and very inexpensive molecule. In other words, although it was originally manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, it will not benefit the industry and therefore will not benefit all the people corrupted by it.

Remdesivir’s fight against Hydroxychloroquine is the symbol of the fight of false medicine, big money medicine, against evidence-based medicine, a medicine that can bring big money to the patient (his health), at little or no cost to society.

Hydroxychloroquine (a treatment defended by Professor Raoult in Marseilles, France, among others) is said to be ineffective in COVID-19, even dangerous [2].

This is simply not true. [2]

There is ample evidence that Hydroxychloroquine, whether or not combined with azythromycin and zinc, is effective in inhibiting viral replication in SARS-CoV-2, with a completely satisfactory safety profile, especially for physicians who are used to and authorized to prescribe it. These molecules, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, have been known for decades [3]. This is the truth.

Conversely, it is said that Remdesivir is effective and without any particular danger.

This is not true.

Remdesivir can cause severe kidney failure (requiring dialysis, kidney transplant), liver failure, genetic mutation, heart problems up to cardiac arrest, among others [4]. This is the truth.

On the one hand, the [fake] Lancet study [which was retracted] was trying to demolish hydroxychloroquine [5], on the other hand, the New England Journal of Medicine praises Remdesivir [6-7].

In a previous article, I wrote that what the former editors of these journals say is what we should think: corruption and lies at every level [8].

[8] For all doctors of integrity, true scientists, the public, this could even become a criterion of analysis: when a “big” medical journal praises a drug, beware! When it demolishes a treatment, then you’d do well to take an interest in it.

Remedying Hydroxychloroquine is still a big money story.

Medicine is more than that now.

Remdesivir would bring 4,500 dollars per treatment to Gilead [9].

Hydroxychloroquine, even in combination with Azithromycin, costs only 10 euros [US$ 12] per treatment and brings nothing to the pharmaceutical industry.

-Instead of blaming and scaring everyone with exaggerated mortality figures and second waves that do not exist,

-instead of imposing measures as ineffective as well as toxic such as wearing masks everywhere for everyone,

-instead of making people believe that effective and cheap drugs are dangerous and that expensive and dangerous drugs are the solution,

-instead of bowing down to vaccination, the illusory Holy Grail in the fight against VIDOC-19, here is what our high health authorities should do :

  1. Take the advice of scientists calling for calm and realism along the lines of Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University
  2. Observe and measure real facts, not statistical mathematical models.
  3. Do not confuse positive RT-PCR test with COVID-19 disease.
  4. Drastic protective measures should be provided only for fragile and high-risk people.
  5. Let healthy, healthy people, especially young people and children, move freely without masks.
  6. To offer the entire population psychological care adapted to manage post-traumatic stress states generated by anxiety-provoking media.
  7. Enable all primary care physicians to prescribe the hydroxychloroquine-azythromycin-zinc combination to real patients with VIDOC-19 at the first sign of illness, according to the safety procedures that have been well established over the years that these drugs have been prescribed for their various indications.

This is only possible if these high health authorities are not the object of corruption with all the money accruing from pharmaceutical companies.

On the last point, number 7, the Brussels general practitioner Eric Beeth and I have sent a letter to all the officials concerned, the Minister of Health, members of the COVID-19 council within SCIENSANO, which is supervising the government in the management of the crisis, requesting the freedom for all Belgian doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment and, above all, the constitution of a sufficient stock of this drug in Belgian pharmacies.

We are waiting for an answer.

Dr Pascal Sacré

Featured Image: By BaptisteGrandGrand, Remdesivir 3D structure, April 30, 2020. Wikipedia.

Notes :

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[3] Hot Topic, Chloroquine for the 2019 novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, February 2020

[4] L’entreprise Gilead aurait-elle dissimulé la vraie toxicité du Veklury© (remdesivir) ?, 8 juillet 2020, “It therefore appears that, based on the evidence presented above, we can strongly believe that Veklury (remdesivir) is a harmful drug and that this evidence has been concealed by Gilead. We believe that the lobbying operation conducted in the media and certain public health authorities in order to discredit hydroxychloroquine, specifically in hospitals, was intended to make Velkury (remdesivir) the only solution in this situation.”

[5] RETRACTED: Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis

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[9] Remdésivir : une molécule d’intérêt thérapeutique très discutable sur le COVID-19

Translated from the French original by Maya on behalf of Global Research.
The original source of this article is
Copyright © Dr. Pascal Sacré,, 2020

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