One thought on “Covid deaths in English NHS Hospitals

  1. barovsky says:

    Of course the govt argues that without the mask, distancing, infection would rise again and we would be in a ‘2nd wave’. Except of course, there is simply no evidence for this. Yes, of course there will be ‘spikes’ as indeed there are, with or without the masks and this an inevitable consequence of Lockdown, which isolated communities. So short of permanent isolation, there’s very little we can do, except to try and protect the vulnerable, who constitute at most, 5% of ALL deaths. So protect care homes, protect the vulnerable at home, something that has NEVER been done!

    All of this comes down to one factor: the FEAR of death that we’ve all been innoculated with. The original herd immunity idea was informed by the FEAR of death, without the FEAR and the actuality, just like flu or even the common cold (a corona virus), the virus would have occupied (and will, regardless), its evolutionary space in life. It’s a fact, the virus is with us, FOREVER.

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