Medical Experts Testify on Assange’s Health and Risk to His Life

23 September 2020 — Assange Defense

Today’s testimony in Julian’s extradition hearing remained focused on Julian’s health and the risk involved in extraditing him to the U.S. As we pointed out yesterday, we will be trying to strike the right balance in our coverage between keeping supporters informed and respecting Julian’s privacy.

You can read our full report on Wednesday’s proceedings here. Here’s a brief recap:

Psychiatrist Confirms Julian’s Depression and Asperger’s Diagnoses, Agrees Extraditing Him Would Put His Life at Risk

Defense witness Dr. Quinton Deeley, a National Health Service psychiatrist specializing in autism and other mental health issues, testified about Julian’s mental health. He agreed with the diagnoses of, yesterday’s witness: Julian suffers from depression and Asperger’s syndrome. Dr. Deeley also reiterated concerns about the high risk of suicide in conditions of solitary confinement, and that extraditing Julian would place him at “high risk” of suicide.

Prosecution Expert Downplays Risk of Suicide

The prosecution called Dr. Seena Fazel, an expert on prison suicides, to downplay the risk to Julian. Overall, Dr. Fazel’s testimony supported much of what the defense witnesses have been arguing. He agreed with the defense witnesses that Julian suffers from depression and is on the autism spectrum, and acknowledged Julian’s risk would increase if he had “bleak prospects.”

You can find a full report on today’s hearing here.

In Case You Missed It

Last night was “In Defense of Julian Assange,” a live book talk and panel discussion hosted by The People’s Forum. You can watch a recording of the event here.

Julian’s extradition hearing will resume tomorrow with more medical testimony. We will continue to keep you updated at our live blog. You can also find hearing coverage from Courage Foundation’s Director Nathan Fuller and real-time updates on Twitter.

Stay tuned,

Team Assange Defense



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