A Green transformation requires a new constitutional settlement

18 January 2021 — Political Concern

[Food for thought? WB]

At a public launch on Thursday 14th January 2021, Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford gave introduced a new report calling for radical constitutional reform in the UK.

The report We the People, The case for Radical Federalism, prepared by a voluntary and independent think tank of Labour Party and independent members from Wales, Scotland and England, sets out some of the reasons for reforming the UK, the principles on which reform should be based and the process for getting there.  It may be read in full here.

It calls for the UK to become a voluntary association of nations where sovereignty is held by each nation and then pooled for common purpose, a fair distribution of resources and a guarantee of common basic socio economic and environmental standards.

It promotes the necessity of a new constitutional settlement, devolution for England, a continuation of the decentralisation of power across the UK and a recognition of the vital importance within this process of the role of local government.

One of the authors, Alan Simpson, says “I don’t think it is possible to deliver a Green transformation without a democratic one too”.

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