A race to the bottom’? Post-Brexit deregulation of workers’ rights – 1

19 January 2021 — Political Concern

Better regulation?

FT: Number 10 said the new committee will “refresh the strategy on making better regulation outside the EU, review existing rules and cut red tape for businesses”

The FT editorial board reports on the package of deregulatory measures being prepared by the UK’s business department with the approval of Downing Street. It has not yet been agreed by ministers — or put to the cabinet — but select business leaders have been sounded out on the plan, ‘according to people familiar with the matter’. Christopher Hope adds a title: “The Chancellor of the Exchequer is to chair a new Better Regulation Committee in Downing Street which will focus on cutting EU red tape for businesses.

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New Leaks Show How British Spies Infiltrate And Undermine Lebanon’s Security Services

18 January 2021 — Moon of Alabama

A few month ago we reported on documents which revealed secret British ‘Strategic Communication’ programs in support of the Jihadis who fight against the Syrian people and their government.

In December documents of a different secret program revealed similar British efforts in Lebanon. These were designed to influence certain ‘liberal’ youth groups in preparation for a ‘color revolution’ that would overthrow the Lebanese government.

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A Green transformation requires a new constitutional settlement

18 January 2021 — Political Concern

[Food for thought? WB]

At a public launch on Thursday 14th January 2021, Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford gave introduced a new report calling for radical constitutional reform in the UK.

The report We the People, The case for Radical Federalism, prepared by a voluntary and independent think tank of Labour Party and independent members from Wales, Scotland and England, sets out some of the reasons for reforming the UK, the principles on which reform should be based and the process for getting there.  It may be read in full here.

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