The May ColdType (Issue 222) is now online

30 April 2021 — ColdType

Welcome to the May issue of ColdType. This month’s cover story features Jacob Ehrbahn’s new book Dreams of Europe with six pages of stunning, often heartbreaking, images of refugees struggling to find a new life in Europe after being forced from their countries by war and revolution.

Other main stories include War Is peace. Peace is war, in which Tom Engelhardt traces a continuous three-quarter century of American wars-without-end since his birth in 1944, and Joe Allen’s search for God in a rain forest. Nina Burleigh takes us down the Pandemic Memory Hole, Caitlin Johnstone informs us that the aliens are not coming to invade – or save – Earth, and Conn Hallinan warns that drone warfare is not the ‘magic bullet’ our leaders are looking for.

This month’s other book features include Trevor Grundy on Michela Wrong’s latest work on political strife in Africa and Joseph Rodriguez’s photobook of his life as a taxi driver in pre-gentrified New York.

In addition, we’ve also got important stories from C.J. Hopkins, George Monbiot, John W. & Nisha Whitehead, Greg Palast, Norman Solomon, Granville Williams and Sam Pizzigati.

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