Statewatch News 23 April 2021 (Issue 08/2)

23 April 2021 — Statewatch

23 April 2021 (Issue 08/21, also available as a PDF)


Biometric databases in Africa to facilitate deportations from Europe

A restricted document obtained by Statewatch provides further confirmation that biometric population databases being set up in African states, funded by the EU in the name of facilitating people’s rights, will also expedite forced removals from the EU.

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DESMOGUK 23 April 2021: The Greenwashing Files – ‘A great deception’

23 April 2021 — DESMOGUK

Crashing waves, sun-bathed wind turbines, bright green algae farms. Also: women running up a steep hill, a newborn’s feet, a smiling scientist, a child in their father’s arms.

Emotive imagery of nature and family life are central to adverts made by some of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, all complete with softly spoken voice-overs about the net zero transition.

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The Ukraine Crisis Recedes – But A False Narrative Of It Leads To Bad Conclusions

22 April 2021 — Moon of Alabama

Some two month ago we discussed how the U.S. focus on narratives will let it collide with reality. It is certainly not only the U.S. government that creates narratives, comes to believe in them, and then fails when it is confronted with reality. Carried by think tanks and media the narrative mold has grown throughout the wider ‘western’ world.

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