Schofield focusses on the Security Review 2021, to be followed by the next, ‘Security on a Dying Planet . . .’

13 April 2021 — Political Concern

In his March article (summarised here), Dr Steven Schofield denounces ‘Global Britain in a competitive age: The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy’ as encapsulating everything that is wrong with the British state.

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Ramsey Clark, Former Attorney General of the United States and Principled Critic of the U.S. Warfare State, Dies at 93

13 April 2021 — Covert Action Magazine

By Frank Dorrel

[Another, more critical take on Clark’s life. An important figure in post-WWII politics, especially the US invasion and occupation of Vietnam. WB]

At gala dinner in New York, hundreds pay tribute to Ramsey Clark and International Action CenterRamsey Clark speaking at Riverside Church in New York in 2013. [Source:]

On April 9th, Ramsey Clark passed away at his home surrounded by his family.

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International Crisis Looms as NATO to Hold Emergency Meeting with Ukraine

12 April 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Rick Rozoff government of Ukraine announced today that Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba will visit NATO Headquarters tomorrow for an emergency session of the Ukraine-NATO Commission. Kuleba will meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and possibly with the North Atlantic Council (consisting of the ambassadors of all thirty NATO member states) as well.

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The Desperate Plans of the Southern Command

12 April 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Pasqualina Curcio actions perpetrated since March 21 of this year by irregular groups coming from Colombia in La Victoria, Venezuelan territory bordering our sister country, were not improvised. They are part of Plan “B” of the Southern Command to destabilize our Nation and overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution.

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China and climate change: an exchange

13 April 2021 — MRZine

American, Chinese scientists identify new chemical pathway of air pollution in China

by , , and

In the Notes from the Editors to the March 2021 issue of Monthly Review, the MR editors questioned some of the arguments in Richard Smith’s book, China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse, as well as replied to Simon Pirani’s related criticisms (writing under his pseudonym of Gabriel Levy) of MR editor John Bellamy Foster on China and the environment. Both Smith and Pirani have written replies to our March editorial, which we are publishing here, along with our own rejoinder.

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Domestic Covid-19 Identity Documents Must Be Resisted

12 April 2021 — Craig Murray

Craig Murray

Discrimination against people on the grounds of their health status is not acceptable, while the ever increasing reach of the surveillance state is pernicious. The idea of people without Covid-19 antibodies being treated as second class citizens should be anathema to anybody with concern for human liberty.

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