Real Facts about the “coup d’Etat” in Haiti by the high Command of the PNH and members of PHTK

10 July 2021 — Zili Danto

by Bernard Sansaricq

This is also directed to the Government of Colombia – The American People and all Free people of the World.

We will not swallow the lies of the International Press including the BBC of London- The US Medias and Miami Herald – the French Press, etc…

These are the facts that we know to be true!

1.- The assassination of President Jovenel Moise is nothing else than an inside coup, backed by the so-called International Community and the CoreGroup in Haiti. No Colombians or foreigners were involved in the coup.

2.- The head of the PNH in Haiti (Leon Charles) is one of the criminals involved in the coup. The head of the Haitian Presidential Guard was also involved (Dimitri Herard) and the PNH is up to their neck in the spilling of the blood of “de Facto” President Jovenel Moise and his wife Martine Moise. Drug addict and trafficker Michel Martelly is deeply involved and several members of PHTK in this horrible crime.

3.- Facts that the Colombians are innocents and were working for the PNH and the Government. Some 3 weeks ago, a gang leader by the name of “Ti Makak” an associate of powerful gang leader ISO (Village de Dieu) took possession of a home in Laboule 12/13 belonging to the former first Lady Elizabeth Preval. La Boule and Petion Ville are exclusive areas of the well to do and rich people in Haiti. Some 50 gang members had moved in to this exclusive community with “Ti Makak”… Unable to dislodge them the PNH used the Colombians that were at their service to clean up the area.

The so-called mercenaries attacked “Ti Makak” using military precision tactics, they attacked from the height of Kenscoff and cut off their escape route through Petion Ville…. “Ti Makak” and his group were dislodged and peace returned to the area. After the slaughter earlier in the month, in Village de Dieu by Gang leader ISO who decimated SWAT teams and killed several police officers, PNH was not ready to confront “Ti Makak” in Laboule 12/13 and foreign elements hired by them, did the job.

Those guys lived and were provided homes in Haiti by the Government. They were home and did not take part in any assassination plot to murder Jovenel Moise. It was in inside job by people close to Jovenel affiliated to PHTK!

The strange part is that the real murderers are free and still in control of Haiti. Claude Joseph, given as PM a.i, under Jovenel is now in charge according to Ms. Helene Lalime (OAS) ????? Remember that Claude Joseph RESIGNED as PM a few hours before Jovenel was murdered????? Jovenel’s trip to Turkey with former PM Laurent Lamothe may have sealed his fate with the International Community.

The Haitian Constitution of 1987 calls for a judge of the Supreme Court to replace the President in cases like these. In this case Mrs Wendell Coq should be the President of Haiti until elections are held.

What rights does Ms Helene Lalime of the OAS has, to decide for the Haitian People WHO should be Provisional President of Haiti? She is an alleged girlfriend and sweetheart of one of the richest men in Haiti for some times now! (Sheriff Abdallah).

So here we are! The only victims in this case again will be the 12 million people of Haiti. Corruption will be worse… all this is part of the planned destruction of a small Caribbean country whose only sin was to defeat the mighty army of Napoleon Bonaparte in November 1803.

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