Overkill as the Met panics: “It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to realise that we’re an arts organisation . . .”

11 July 2021 — Political Concern

by admin

A Hackney reader draws attention to the ham-fisted action, recorded on a video of CCTV footage shared on Instagram by artist Damien Meade. It shows police forcing entry to Antepavilion, an East London multi-arts complex, on Friday, 25 June and a large number of police entering.
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Capitalism: has the leopard changed its spots?

11 July 2021 — Michael Roberts Blog

by michael roberts

“Let me be clear: capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism. It’s exploitation.”, US President Biden tweeted when signing an executive order to expand competition across the economy and crack down on monopolistic practices, describing a misguided 40-year “experiment” in letting US corporations consolidate with little regulation that he said has hurt ordinary Americans.  “The heart of American capitalism is a simple idea: open and fair competition,” Biden said in a speech before signing the measure. He called himself a “proud capitalist” but said that he wants to “ensure our economy isn’t about people working for capitalism, it’s about capitalism working for people.”

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International outrage at forced closure of office of Palestinian agricultural organization

11 July 2021 — Peoples Dispatch

During a crackdown against Palestinian activists across the West Bank, Israeli soldiers stormed the office of the Union of Agricultural Workers Committee and closed it under military order

by Peoples Dispatch

Members of UAWC in Gaza organized a protest against the closure of the organization’s office in the West Bank by Israeli authorities. Photo: UAWC

Organizations across the globe have condemned the latest Israeli attack on Palestinian activists and movements. On Wednesday July 7, Israeli forces launched a series of violent raids across the West Bank. According to reports, heavily armed Israeli soldiers raided the headquarters of the Union of Agricultural Workers Committees (UAWC) in Al-Bireh, outside of Ramallah, breaking down the door, seizing computers and memory drives, and then sealed the entrance to the office and ordered its closure under military notice for six months.

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The Fight to Save Lifta, the Last Remaining Palestinian Village

11 July 2021 — MintPress News

Plan 6036

Lifta, the only town Israel did not demolish after the Nakba, stands as a symbol of the Palestinian right of return, but an Israeli government “development” plan may soon change that.

by Jessica Buxbaum

LIFTA, JERUSALEM — Yacoub Odeh is 81 years old but he can still remember his childhood in the Palestinian village of Lifta as if it were yesterday. Children playing together in the gardens, swimming in the pools and laying in the grass.

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How Not to Cover Critical Race Theory

10 July 2021 — FAIR

USA Today: CRT reminds us that systemic racism exists. In my classroom we don't bury it, we discuss it

In USA Today‘s print edition (7/6/21), this op-ed was headlined, “Teaching Critical Race Theory Is Patriotic, Not Anti-American.”

After working the right up into a lather over Black Lives Matter (FAIR.org, 5/27/21), Fox News and its conservative media allies have turned white rage onto a more actionable target: critical race theory. Though the theory is a longstanding and specific academic lens for understanding systemic racism, the right has transformed it into a catchall for anything that encourages talking about and addressing racism.

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US vaccine-related deaths increasing rapidly

11 July 2021 — Swiss Policy ResearchUSA: Reported post-vaccination deaths, 1990 to 2021 (OpenVAERS)

The latest weekly US VAERS update added a shocking 2,083 post-vaccination deaths.

The latest weekly US VAERS update added a shocking 2,083 post-vaccination deaths – by far the largest weekly increase to date – raising the total of reported post-vaccination deaths to 9,048. Not all of these 2,083 deaths occurred within a week, as there is a very significant reporting backlog.

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