The Apocalypse That The Imperialists Are Engineering

31 July 2021 — See You in 2020

As the U.S. empire slowly crumbles, it’s cutting its losses. This means waging ever-growing campaigns to destabilize the places that are slipping out of its control. Obama’s 2011 destruction of Libya, where the richest democracy in Africa was bombed into nonexistence and NATO left the country a slave trade-ridden failed state, was a major step towards this new era of engineered apocalypse. Another was Washington’s manufacturing of war in Syria in 2011, where the U.S. aided jihadists in a mission to overthrow Assad that’s since cost half a million lives and displaced over 13 million people.

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Enclaves, Mercenaries and Exterminations: The Common Ground between Colombia and Israel

1 August 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Eder Peña

It has long been said that Colombia is the Israel of Latin America, this statement has been made by different analysts and political figures, especially when in the last decade it has deepened its role as a U.S. base that serves as an experiment and focus for destabilization in the region.

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Why Hypersonic Missiles Are Real Game Changers – by Gordog

2 August 2021 — Origin: Moon of Alabama

A Technical Look at the Science Behind the Headlines

by Gordog

The Americans are now crying ‘uncle’ about Russia’s hypersonic weapons. After the most recent flight test of the scramjet-powered Zircon cruise missile, the Washington Post on July 11 carried a Nato statement of complaint:

“Russia’s new hypersonic missiles are highly destabilizing and pose significant risks to security and stability across the Euro-Atlantic area,” the statement said.

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