Climate Collapse Will Create The Next Wave Of Genocide Against Colonized Peoples

8 August, 2021 — See You in 2020

At the end of this century, people will conclude that the warming of the climate precipitated a rise in white nationalism like we’ve never seen before. This climate-related fascist upswell, which is already at play, will be unprecedented in that the crisis preceding it is unprecedented. The rise of fascism in the early-to-mid 20th century was produced by economic and environmental collapses which will be tiny in comparison to the ones that we’re going to see.

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The Uncontrollability of Globalizing Capital

9 August 2021 — MROnline

(Feb 01, 1998)

István MészárosIstván Mészáros. Image credit: Gustavo Machado, “István Mészáros and the theory of socialism in one country,” Teoria & Revolução, October 10, 2017.

This article is István Mészáros’s introduction to the 1998 Farsi edition of Beyond Capital, the English version of which appeared in the February 1998 edition of Monthly Review.


The Iranian diaspora is an extraordinary community, but one not often noted in the Western press. This community can be compared to the Russian diaspora of the 1890s, or the German of the 1930s. That is to say, an exiled community of an often revolutionary intelligentsia with a potential for affecting the world far beyond the borders of the land they left. A sign of this vigor is the forthcoming in Farsi of Istvan Mészáros’ important book Beyond Capital (published by Monthly Review Press, 1996) translated by the close friend of Monthly Review, Dr. Morteza Mohit. For this edition Istvan Mészáros wrote a special introduction.

—The Editors

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Monthly Review July-August 2021

9 August 2021 — Monthly Review

July-August 2021 (Volume 73, Number 3)

The Editors (July 4, 2021)

This special issue of Monthly Review is devoted to the New Cold War on China. What has been the view of the Chinese Revolution presented in Monthly Review in the past seven decades? How has it changed over time? As Paul A. Baran observed: “Marx and in particular Lenin being master-tacticians shifted horses and arguments as conditions changed (rightly so, to be sure!)” The question then becomes not the changing views themselves, but how these shifts in perspective reflect changing historical circumstances. | more…
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“We Are Telling People, Vote for Yourselves!”: Rehoboth Kafwabulula of Socialist Party of Zambia

8 August 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Zoe Alexandra

[I have a special connection to Zambia as it’s a country that I spent time in during my work with the African National Congress whilst in exile and it’s heartening to see the reemergence of Socialism in Zambia after so many years of neoliberal destruction. WB]

SP Candidate for Lusaka Mayor Rabecca Musonda (centre) and SP candidate for Kamwala Ward Councillor Ezekiel Ngisi with SP members in Kamwala Ward in Lusaka, Kabwata Constituency.

The spokesperson of the Socialist Party of Zambia, Rehoboth Kafwabulula spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the upcoming elections in Zambia and the key messages they are taking to the masses

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Don’t waste the opportunity at UN SC

9 August 2021 — Indian Punchline

United Nations Security Council in session, New York (File photo)

India’s thirty-day tenure through August as the president of the UN Security Council has got mired in needless controversy. The issue is about the “emergency meeting” regarding Afghanistan that India convened on Friday. According to Pakistan, it had made a “a formal request” for participation in the meeting but India turned it down.

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Spectre of Syria haunts Afghanistan

7 August 2021 — Indian Punchline


Fencing of Durand Line is almost complete. Pakistani troops guarding the border with Afghanistan in Khyber

The Moscow daily Vedomosti with links to the establishment has reported that Russia will give “limited military support” to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the event of attacks from Afghanistan, including weapons supplies, air support and deployment of special forces, but there are “no plans to deploy major ground forces” to the region.

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Book Review: Practicing the Good: Desire and Boredom in Soviet Socialism

Marx & Philosophy Review of Books

Practicing the Good: Desire and Boredom in Soviet Socialism

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, 2020. 336pp., $30 pb
ISBN 9781517909550

Reviewed by Isabel Jacobs

About the reviewer

Isabel Jacobs is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Literature at Queen Mary University of London. …  More

In a recent article, Maria Chehonadskih (2021) argues that the adjective ‘Soviet’ is today used as a `floating signifier’ either embracing totalitarian connotations of the Soviet State or positively referring to the event and legacy of the Russian Revolution. While appreciating the first decade after the Revolution as a period of avant-garde experimentation, Western Marxists still dismiss the Soviet experience of anti-capitalism after the Stalinist period. In fact, Soviet Marxist theories and practices from the 1960-70s are terra incognita for many contemporary Marxist theorists.

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