Afghanistan News Links 16-17 August 2021

17 August 2021 • 21:00 — The New Dark Age

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Afghan VP Saleh Declares Presidency, Organizes Resistance

WATCH: Afghan man records video sitting atop FAIRING of US military plane taxiing at Kabul airport

Afghanistan: Female Kabul resident fears for future under Taliban

Afghan women to have rights within Islamic law, Taliban say

Afghan Lesson For Uncle Sam’s Running Dogs, by Finian Cunningham + Afghanistan: Who’s to Blame and What Next?

Taliban: ‘We will not allow the soil of Afghanistan to be used against anyone’

‘All the dreams have just gone’ – former Afghanistan captain’s fears for homeland

Today’s Links

Tearful Afghan reporter asks Nato for help

Kite Runner author: ‘Sliver of hope’ for Afghanistan

Afghanistan crisis: How America watched as Taliban won the war

Afghanistan – Taliban Press Conference Notes

EU foreign policy chief: Taliban ‘WON THE WAR,’ we’ll have to talk to them – and acknowledge mistakes

Afghan Vice President Saleh declares himself legitimate caretaker president

Taliban promises peace, amnesty, rights ‘within Sharia law’ & ‘narcotics-free’ Afghanistan in first intl media press conference

‘Heroes’: Small group of Afghan women protest in Kabul, demand Taliban regime does not roll back freedoms (VIDEOS)

In Video: Taliban Fighters Have Fun Celebrating Victory

Military Situation In Afghanistan On August 17, 2021 (Map Update)

New Horrifying Footage Emerges As Evacuation From Kabul Resumes (Videos, 18+)

Video: The Taliban’s Sweeping Victory Leaves Afghans Reeling

US must complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by September 11, Taliban spokesperson says

Greece dismisses any chance of becoming ‘EU gateway’ for Afghan refugees amid Taliban crisis

Biden’s Afghanistan speech: America’s criminal war ends in debacle
by Patrick Martin
On Monday afternoon, US President Joe Biden delivered a nationally televised address in response to the collapse of the US-backed puppet government in Afghanistan. The scale and historical impact of the catastrophe suffered by American imperialism in Afghanistan, which in many respects exceeds even its defeat in the Vietnam War, found expression in the speech, perhaps the bleakest address by an American president in half a century.

Taliban’s advance in Afghanistan leaves more than 40,000 wounded since June alone – Red Cross

But Afghanistan! German tabloid Bild chastises Merkel for being ‘in a good mood’ at documentary premiere amid Kabul chaos

German tabloid Bild chastises Merkel for being ‘in a good mood’ at documentary premiere amid Kabul chaos

Taliban Announce “General Amnesty”, Call On Women To Take Part In Government

Afghanistan: UK’s Kabul evacuation operating at full pace – commander

UK student who travelled to Afghanistan for holiday evacuated

Afghanistan crisis: How America watched as Taliban ‘won’ the war

US Treatment Of Afghanistan Should Be A Warning For Ukraine: Kiev MP

‘Hurried’ withdrawal of US forces created more problems in Afghanistan, China says, calling Washington ‘irresponsible’

Shocking video appears to show body dangling from US plane out of Kabul, ‘human remains’ later found in landing gear

Indian embassy staff leave Afghanistan as military evacuation flights resume from Kabul airport after hiatus

Chinese media warn Taiwanese leaders against acting as ‘strategic pawns’ of US, calls Afghan crisis a ‘lesson’ for them

Buck Stops With Me: Joe Biden Finally Commented On Situation In Afghanistan

As German military plane FAILS to land in Kabul, Merkel calls US-led Afghanistan mission ‘NOT AS SUCCESSFUL’ as hoped

WATCH: Taliban fighters fire warning shots outside Kabul airport as crowds of Afghans try to enter facility

Afghans reportedly plunge to their deaths after trying to cling to US military plane taking off from Kabul (UNVERIFIED VIDEO)

Selected Articles: Don’t Let Them Fool You: Afghanistan Has Been a “Tremendous Success”

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Back with a Bang

Afghanistan: ‘My family is stuck and there is nothing I can do’

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Cardiff artist’s sadness at Taliban takeover

The Phrase of a Day, or a Week.

Some Sidelined News.

The Papers: Race to escape Kabul ‘carnage’ and ‘no way out’

Afghanistan: Will it become haven for terror with the Taliban in power?

How the Taliban seized Afghanistan again

What next for Afghanistan’s economy?

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