Afghanistan News Links 28-29 August 2021

29 August 2021 • 21:00 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

The Futility Of The Afghan War And “War On Terror”

India reaches out to Russia to break out of regional isolation over Afghanistan

What A Truly Humanitarian Response In Afghanistan Would Look Like

Biden Vows New Strikes In Retaliation

Blowback: Taliban target US intel’s shadow army

Terror Attacks in Kabul Suspiciously on Cue… Who Gains?

Explosion reported in Kabul, photos show smoke over city

U.S. Preparing For Another Attack In Kabul, While European Allies Push UN To Protect Afghans

US embassy in Afghanistan urges Americans to avoid traveling to Kabul airport due to ‘specific, credible threat’

As Biden Abandoned Afghan Allies, Retired US Special Ops Hatched “Operation Pineapple Express” – Rescuing Over 600 From Taliban Slaughter

‘Clear attack on Afghan territory’: Taliban condemns US strike allegedly targeting ISIS ‘planner’ behind deadly Kabul blast

Forget Wars on Covid and Terror: War on Climate Collapse Is the Only War of Necessity for Human Survival

Guerrilla warfare has key advantages over U.S. imperialism

Afghanistan: Biden says another Kabul airport attack likely

Afghanistan: Chinese Reconstruction vs. US Sanctions

The Papers: UK out of Afghanistan and blame game erupts

Terror Attacks in Kabul Suspiciously on Cue… Who Gains?

Friday’s Saturday or Saturday’s Friday…

BBC News

Afghanistan: Final flights arriving as UK’s campaign ends

Afghanistan: US drone strike ‘eliminates airport bomb threat’

John Simpson on Afghanistan: A country abandoned

Afghanistan: Taxi driver, shopkeeper: UK victims of Kabul attack

Afghanistan: ‘Thousands more left behind…and feel terrified’

Afghan Paralympians’ arrival a ‘message of hope’

Afghanistan: Pen Farthing and animals ‘safe’ after leaving Kabul

Afghanistan: British ambassador home as last UK troops leave

Afghanistan: Black Hawks and Humvees – military kit now with the Taliban

Herat under the Taliban: residents on the new rulers

Afghanistan: ‘I helped the US military, now help me save my family’

Afghanistan: The local people helping refugees in the UK

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