The September 2021 issue of ColdType (Issue 226) is now online

25 August 2021  — ColdType

Welcome to the September issue of ColdType with another great line-up of first-rate reading and eye-catching photography. This week’s main section features John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead’s alphabet of state-imposed tyranny that is sweeping the US. In other stories, Joe Allen visits Sturgis, South Dakota, for the annual motorcycle rally, John Pilger sits inside a London court on a day that helps signal the death of justice in the UK, and we look at a massive publishing effort by war photographer Gilles Peress featuring his work during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

We’ve also got a powerful essay by Edward Curtin on the increasing gulf between the world’s rich and poor, Kelly Denton-Borhaug on the moral injuries inflicted by forever wars, and two more photo stories by Ron Fassbender and Ken Light.

Our Insight section (left) feature stimulating contributions from Sam Pizzigati, George Monbiot, Greg Palast, Finian Cunningham, Trevor Hoyle, and Mark Hurwitt, and tackles subjects ranging from obscene wealth, the slow ecology movement in Britain, one man’s fight against an oil company in Ecuador, and opposition to a UK meeting with Hillary Clinton.

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