China News Links 27-30 August 2021

30 August 2021 — The New Dark Age

Is The Defeat In Afghanistan Aimed At Embarrassing Russia And China?

China cuts children’s online gaming to one hour

Abandoned and Alone: Lamenting the US-Australian Alliance

When Shoigu Speaks…

Guerrilla warfare has key advantages over U.S. imperialism

Forget Wars on Covid and Terror: War on Climate Collapse Is the Only War of Necessity for Human Survival

Afghanistan: Chinese Reconstruction vs. US Sanctions

The Fed, the ‘Taper’ & the Real US Economy-audio

Here comes China: Afghanistan, 7 Deadly Sins, Space, Common Prosperity

Drought Clobbers the World

News on China | No. 65

Shein: China fashion giant investigates ‘false’ anti-Uyghur job ads

I Awakened Here When the Earth Was New

Turkey in the Language Struggle with Russia in Central Asia

Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab Fights Latest US Extradition Maneuvers

Niall Ferguson Has No Idea.

Zambian Election Could Be Turning Point in Supercharging World’s Transition to Clean Energy—But May Destroy the Zambian People

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