Afghanistan News Links 30-31 August 2021

31 August 2021 • 16:45 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Let’s Take The Profit Out Of Wars

The Shadow of Afghanistan Affects the Taiwan Problem

The Taliban’s Takeover Of Afghanistan Was The US’ Greatest Intel Failure Ever

Resistance Forces Repel Taliban Attack In Panjshir Once Again

America’s catastrophic miscalculation: 20 years of disaster in Afghanistan, by the numbers

This is what a dying empire looks like

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (X)

Iran: an Unexpected and Pleasant Gift from the US

Primakov Doctrine

China News Links 27-30 August 2021

Media Bury Story That US May Have Fired On Crowd At Airport

UK rubbishes claims Kabul airport gate was kept open to allow British evacuation to continue before deadly suicide bombing

Last U.S. Aircraft Left Kabul, Taliban Celebrate Independence Of Afghanistan (Videos)

WATCH: Taliban ‘celebrates’ last American troops fleeing Afghanistan… ‘firing more ammo than in actual combat’ – RT correspondent

‘War is over – Taliban won’: FINAL US flight leaves Kabul airport, ending Afghanistan airlift

Beijing Asks Washington To Resume Dialogue With The Taliban

UNICEF says SEVEN children were killed in Kabul drone strike that US said targeted ISIS-K terrorists

‘Americans opened fire fearing next explosion’: Witnesses of chaotic Kabul suicide bombing aftermath speak to RT

What Russia, China & U.S. Are Afraid Of Following The Fall Of Afghanistan Government?

WHO delivers first medical shipment to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan after opening air bridge

RAWA responds to the Taliban takeover

BBC ‘News’

Afghanistan: ‘Struggle to survive or race to escape’ on streets of Kabul

Afghanistan: Dominic Raab says UK must face new Taliban reality

Afghanistan: Pen Farthing sorry for foul-mouthed message to aide

Afghanistan: Dominic Raab says UK must face new Taliban reality

Afghanistan: Last US military flight departs ending America’s longest war

Newspaper headlines: ‘Fury’ and ‘chaos’ as last US flight leaves Kabul

The last US soldier leaves Afghanistan

Afghanistan: ‘A new chapter has begun’ says US

Afghanistan: Fleeing the Taliban into Pakistan and leaving dreams behind

Left behind in Afghanistan: If I can’t get out, I’ll die

From Bush to Biden: One war, four US presidents on Afghanistan

Gunfire as Taliban celebrate US leaving Afghanistan

Taliban are back – what next for Afghanistan?

Afghanistan: UK urges co-operation on safe passage for eligible Afghans

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