Afghanistan News Links 30 August – 1 September 2021

1 September 2021 • 18:00 — The New Dark Age

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WATCH: Abandoned US-made hardware, empty service dog crates filmed CLOSE-UP in RT tour of Afghanistan’s Kabul airport

Dozens of vehicles & Black Hawk flyover: Taliban holds military parade in Kandahar showing off seized US-made weapons (VIDEOS)

August 15th Fall Of Kabul Is US Empires’ Final Moment As Suez Canal Crisis Was UK’s

Droning Disasters: A US Strike on Kabul

Most people on Germany’s Islamist watchlist hold German or dual citizenship

The Chaotic Aftermath Of Kabul’s Airport Attacks

UPDATED: ISIS Targeted Kabul International Airport With Rockets As U.S. Finalizes Withdrawal

At Least Five Rockets Target Kabul International Airport As U.S. Finalize Withdrawal: Reports

In Photos: Victims And Aftermath Of U.S. Strike

US Forces Began Withdrawal From Kabul Airport

US Forces Killed Afghan Civilians In ‘Panic Shooting’ Following Kabul Airport Suicide Attack (Videos)

Two Britons, Child Of British National Killed In Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing

Death Toll From Kabul Airport Suicide Attack Reaches 170

Chaos At Kabul Airport: First Soldier Killed, Fire Broke Out, Flights Suspended (Videos, 18+)

Pentagon Says 2,500 Americans Were Evacuated From Kabul As Chaos Continue At Hamid Karzai Airport (Videos, Photos)

Afghan Crisis Must End US’s Empire Of War, Corruption And Poverty

Back to the future: Talibanistan, Year 2000

What Did the US Get Wrong About Afghanistan?

Afghanistan Collapse Reveals Beltway Media’s Loyalty to Permanent War State

Biden urged Afghan President Ghani to project strength ‘whether it’s true or not,’ weeks before Taliban victory – media

Russia Concerned ISIS, Other Terrorist Organizations’ Members Will Infiltrate From Afghanistan

EU should work towards ‘strategic autonomy’ to avoid another Afghanistan-like US-led quagmire, European Council president suggests

Crimes by US military must be investigated, Beijing says after reports that American troops fired on civilians after Kabul bombing

Al-Qaeda’s Key Commander Warmly Welcomed In Afghanistan (Video)

Panjshir Resistance Willing To Negotiate With The Taliban

Most people on Germany’s Islamist watchlist hold German or dual citizenship – media

Biden Defends Afghanistan Airlift As “Extraordinary Success”, Commits To Helping Those Left Behind

Taliban wants Afghan professionals to help boost country’s investment potential & create economy ‘roadmap’

Biden Contradicts American Intelligence Agencies By Blaming China For COVID-19 Pandemic

A Saudi Move to Deport Yemeni Professionals En Masse is Likely to Backfire Dramatically

Taliban hold mock ‘funeral’ for NATO, take Black Hawk helicopter for joyrides, and show off loot at Kabul airport after US retreat

The U.S. Has A Plan For What’s Next in Afghanistan – It Does Not Include Peace

Service dogs LEFT FOR DEAD in Kabul by departing US troops – reports

7 Taliban fighters killed in clashes with Panjshir valley resistance, as challenges remain for new rulers after US exit

Up to 40,000 people left in Afghanistan are eligible for evacuation to Germany – Merkel

Rise and rise of Qatar in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan

Always Another War: America and Israel Together Against Iran

Kabul Is Not Saigon. Afghanistan: Drug Trade and Belt and Road

UK Planning for Strikes Against ISIS in Afghanistan Says Head of Royal Air Force

UK says it’s too early to decide how or if they will work with the Taliban

Afghanistan: A Tragically Stupid War Comes to a Tragic End

Bye-den – Afghanistan to be Used as the Pretext for a Harris Administration?

“Where Have All the Flowers Gone”?: “Something Surreal” About the Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal Scenario

America’s catastrophic miscalculation: 20 years of disaster in Afghanistan, by the numbers (PHOTOS)

Droning Disasters: A US Strike On Kabul

Shameful Fiasco in Afghanistan Brings Closer the Collapse of NATO

Droning Disasters: A US Strike on Kabul

Afghanistan: Drug Trade and Belt and Road

Afghanistan Collapse reveals Beltway Media’s Loyalty to Permanent War State

Afghanistan:  a military and an “aid” failure

Kamala Harris Reveals Washington’s Desperation to Contain China

Mekong-US Partnership: Promoting Poverty, Driving Sinophobic Hostility

Can Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi Lead Libya, and in What Direction?

Kabul Is Not Saigon : Afghanistan: Drug Trade and Belt and Road

A Letter to Americans about Afghanistan, from the Margins of Empire, by Kenn Orphan

Did The US Support The Growth Of ISIS-K In Afghanistan?

Afghan Activist: We All Deserve Refuge, Not Just Those Who Served The US

U.S. Troops Leave Afghanistan: Is a Geopolitical Strategy Behind This?

First Footage From Kabul Airport Under Taliban’s Control

AfPak Takes On A New Meaning With The Rise Of The Taliban

Taliban Has a Package Deal with US. Coast Is Clear for New Government in Kabul

Chris Hedges: The Empire Does Not Forgive

BBC ‘News’

Afghanistan: British passport delay blamed for baby stranded in Kabul

What equipment was left behind by US forces?

Afghanistan: Number of people eligible to come to UK left behind unknown, says Dominic Raab

Afghanistan: Rescued animals ‘in amazing condition’ in UK

Afghanistan: UK and Taliban in talks over further evacuations

Afghanistan: Joe Biden defends US pull-out as Taliban claim victory

Newspaper headlines: UK in talks with Taliban and new ‘miracle jab’

Afghanistan: The questions facing Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab

Afghanistan: UK embassy told Afghans to go to Abbey Gate before suicide attack

Afghanistan: How can the West stop terror bases?

Afghanistan: How many refugees are there and where will they go?

Liverpool man trapped in Afghanistan pleads for help

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