Afghanistan News Links 1-2 September 2021

2 September 2021 • 20:00 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Taliban Fighters Felt ‘Betrayed’ Because US Troops Disabled Many Warplanes Before Leaving Kabul – Report

Back to the Future: Talibanistan, Year 2000

Denmark’s former hardline immigration minister on trial in rarely used court over separating asylum-seeker couples

Afghanistan Has Lessons For The Gulf

US Covert Operations in Afghanistan, Support for Extremists

‘It will never happen’: Snowden laughs off suggestion Julian Assange or himself would ever get Nobel Peace Prize

On Propaganda and Failed Narratives: New Understanding of Afghanistan is a Must

US used secret CIA base outside Kabul to evacuate Americans, 1,000 Afghan commandos & their families – media

Did the US Support the Growth of ISIS-K in Afghanistan?

The Fall of Kabul, “The Fall of Democracy”. Hubris of Western Plutocracies

US Slips Out of Kabul but Is Vengeful

Don’t Wage Economic War On Afghanistan

Chinese-Russian Cooperation Is The Key To Afghan Peace

Twenty Years of the Afghanistan Occupation Ends: A New Phase of Struggle Begins

Terrorist Attacks Continue in Pakistan

Mekong-US Partnership: Promoting Poverty, Driving Sinophobic Hostility

The Incantational Bewitchment of Propaganda

Why the current hysteria?

China News Links 30 August – 1 September 2021

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (XI)

Iraq: Afghan Lessons and Reality

What Next After US Defeat?

Reflections on Events in Afghanistan-11

Afghanistan News Links 30 August – 1 September 2021

Northern Resistance Front Stops Taliban Assault As Panjshir Negotiations Fail

Military Situation In Afghanistan On September 1, 2021 (Map Update)

Indian troops deployed to sensitive locations as Kashmiri separatist leader buried in pre-dawn ceremony

‘Righteous’ drone strike in Kabul killed ‘at least one’ ISIS-K terrorist, Pentagon says amid reports of 7 dead CHILDREN

WATCH: Abandoned US-made hardware, empty service-dog crates filmed CLOSE-UP in RT tour of Afghanistan’s Kabul airport

BBC ‘News’

Afghanistan: Kabul airport could reopen for evacuation flights soon, says Dominic Raab

Afghanistan: Councils prepare to offer homes to refugees

Afghanistan: Pen Farthing still working to rescue terrified staff

The Papers: Ministers ‘at war’ – and call for more booster jabs

Afghanistan: Facebook says it helped people flee, including staff

Afghanistan: How many asylum seekers has the UK taken in?

Dominic Raab in Qatar for talks on Afghanistan evacuations

Kabul make-up artist: ‘Women like me are Taliban targets’

Afghanistan women’s cricket team: Players hiding in Kabul fear Taliban rule

Afghanistan crisis: Unclear if ruthless Taliban will change, says US general

Afghanistan: Joe Biden speech on withdrawal fact-checked

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