Vaccine passports – we’re on the front foot..

14 September 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Health Secretary Sajid Javid rightly ruled them out during today’s Covid-19 update, saying:

“It is not something that we are implementing… The evidence [for vaccine passports] is not there and I hope it will never be”

BUT as these words came tumbling out of his mouth, the Government’s Covid Autumn and Winter Plan was published outlining a ‘plan B’ of contingency measures in the event of the loosely phrased scenario of ‘unsustainable pressure on the NHS.’

Boris Johnson later broadcasted a live briefing, saying he will “continue to work with businesses” who are making use of the NHS Covid Pass app already and laying out the Government’s winter plan in more detail.

The contingency measures for winter include plans for mandatory vaccine-only COVID-status certification.

They includes plans to:

  • Change the NHS Covid Pass app into vaccine only, taking away test and antibody features
  • Serve just one week’s notice to the public before mandating vaccine passports

Ministers are continuing to dodge questions about bringing this to a vote in Parliament.

We’ve stopped England from becoming a checkpoint society with Covid IDs for now but the pressure needs to be upped!

Businesses need to be called out for making use of this damaging and discriminatory technology:


�� Email us if you know of somewhere using them and we will add them to our boycott list as well as messaging them urging them to change tack

❌ Boycott events that demand Covid passes


This week Scotland voted in favour of mandating vaccine passports for nightclubs and live events. However, no law has been published or passed yet. If and when it is, we will seek options for legal action.


We have urgently sought a meeting with First Minister Mark Drakeford, who is actively considering vaccine passports.

Together, we are putting serious dents in this counter-productive plan for Covid IDs – and we are winning the fight.

We must not give up.

Erlend Evans

Digital Communications Manager, Big Brother Watch

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