1 October 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Dear friends,

The fight against Covid IDs is at a critical juncture.

We need you to take action now – whether you are in England, Wales or Scotland.

Here are some vital action updates:


The Welsh Government is putting a last-minute Covid passport law to a vote this Tuesday.

With the Welsh Government only holding half the seats in the Senedd, it’s expected to be a knife-edge vote. Covid passes can be defeated in Wales.

Say no to a checkpoint Cymru – take these two urgent actions:


We will be demonstrating outside the Senedd this Tuesday 5th October from 2pm until the vote on vaccine passports at 7pm.

Wherever you live, it is a critical moment to make your voice heard and make a difference. If not now, then when?

We’ll have plenty of placards to share, so please come, bring friends, and join us to demonstrate during this historic vote.

This is a strictly single-issue protest to say #NoCovidIDs, so if you want to join us and choose to bring your own placards please keep it focused on the message to Stop Covid Passes.

Please feel free to email us by reply if you intend to come. Follow our Twitterfeed for updates on the day!


This is so important! Use our quick template to tell Senedd Members to vote against discriminatory Covid passports on Tuesday!

It takes just 1 minute – your emails really do make a difference.


Vaccine passports are now “in reserve” for Winter in England. Although we’ve managed to push back plans twice, it’s highly likely the Government will try again to impose them in the near future.

Latest action:


The Government has just released yet another consultation paving the way for Covid passports, this time on how the scheme should operate.

We’ve produced a handy guide to help you submit a #NoCovidID consultation response in just 2 minutes.

The consultation closes on 11th October.

Send your response, and please share our guide widely!


This Monday, we’re hosting a greatly anticipated event against Covid IDs opposite Conservative Party conference in Manchester, chaired by Julia Hartley-Brewer with speakers including former ministers David Davis MP and Steve Baker MP.

Tickets are going fast – get yours now, or tune in on YouTube where we’ll be live-streaming and taking questions from comments on the day.


It’s a dark day for freedom and equality in Scotland.

This morning, a vaccine passport law was introduced for Scotland. In yet another shambolic twist, the Scottish Covid pass app has already been fraught with problems and enforcement has been delayed – so businesses won’t be fined for failing to demand their customers’ medical papers until 18th October.

An industry attempt to get a legal injunction on the scheme was unsuccessful yesterday.

We are actively collecting evidence on the Scottish scheme and seeking legal advice on the prospects of a challenge.

We always knew the battle against Covid passports would be a marathon, not a sprint. However, we were not expecting to have to battle three different schemes!

We need your support – please take action as above, share the information far and wide, and if you can, support the fight.

Thank you for taking action at this critical time,

Silkie Carlo

Director of Big Brother Watch

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