We’ll never give up

14 December 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Covid passports could’ve been imposed three months ago, it could’ve been even earlier, but thanks to every one of you who is backing our campaign: we’ve fought, we’ve thwarted, we’ve stood our ground and we have never given up.

As a result of our tireless campaigning, tonight’s vote on Johnson’s Covid IDs is one of the most controversial of his time in office, leading to a huge rebellion and courageous MPs across the benches reaffirming why privacy, liberty and equality matter.

Despite this, we are just moments away from a vote that looks set to enshrine Covid passports into law in England – the last country in the UK to fall to this flawed scheme. By the time you read this, the vote may have already happened.

I know we are all at risk of feeling defeated.

But in many ways, our fight has only just begun.

This will be a marathon, not a sprint. Thank you to everyone who came down to the protest on Saturday. The power of gathering together and speaking out in the shadow of the Mother of Parliaments was a powerful statement to the darkness that is being pushed through tonight.

Today, we set a mobile billboard to circle Westminster, telling all MPs to vote NO to Covid passports. You can watch the video here.

Whatever happens tonight – we are going to up our fight.

We are already bringing forward legal action in Wales – and we will look to challenge an English Covid pass scheme too.

We cannot, and we will not give up. If you want to rise up and make history then join our Crowdfunder today.


 Let’s fight this together – let’s never give up.

Erlend Evans,
Digital Communications Manager

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