Julian Assange

10 December 2021 — Expose Facts

I’m writing to share our statement on today’s UK court ruling on the extradition of Julian Assange. I hope you’ll join us in speaking out for press freedom and human rights.

A British court today ruled that Julian Assange can be extradited to the United States to face Espionage Act charges. We condemn this decision, and reiterate our condemnation of the United States’ outrageous prosecution of Assange.

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Julian Assange News Links 10 December 2021

10 December 2021 • 21:30 — The New Dark Age

Assange ruling a dangerous precedent for journalists and British justice

U.K. court permits Assange extradition to U.S. on spying charges

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The political economy of the podcast and the rise of the left entrepreneur

10 December 2021 —  Ephemera Journal

Pasts, presents and futures of critical publishing
anniversary note

Joshua Sperber

It may seem like another world, but it was only a little over a decade ago that scholars were engaged in an energetic debate over the liberatory nature of the internet. Today, as millions of people spend hours a day on Zoom meetings, navigate their children through ‘online learning’, and write work emails late into the night, the notion that the internet was ever going to liberate us from capitalism seems naïve if not farcical. On the contrary, it has been the internet that has allowed, in the most troublesome sense, the world to go on amid ecological, epidemiological, economic, social, and political crises as we are told to wait out a pandemic by eradicating any remaining distance between work and home or public and private while wrecking our backs, necks, eyes, and sense of peace, autonomy, self-knowledge, and control.

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Assange ruling a dangerous precedent for journalists and British justice

10 December 2021 — Jonathan Cook

English High Court decision paving the way for extradition will make it even harder for journalists to hold the US to account

Middle East Eye – 10 December 2021

On Friday, the English High Court paved the way for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be extradited to the United States and tried over the publication of hundreds of thousands of documents, some of which contained evidence of US and British war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Black Agenda Report 8 December 2021

8 December, 2021 — Black Agenda Report

Democratic Party Betrayal, Abortion, and the Supreme Court
Democrats have been fooled into thinking that only the courts can protect abortion rights. In fact, legislation could protect abortion permanently, but their party has refused to do that. Now that SCOTUS control is lost because of their corruption and betrayals, they continue to spin lies that bamboozle the party faithful.

People Centered Human Rights and the Black Radical Tradition
The West’s fiction of “human rights” has been weaponized by neoliberals to rationalize naked imperialist interventions. But if human rights are to have any relevance for the oppressed, they must be “de-colonized” and given meaning by the oppressed themselves: a People(s)-Centered Human Rights (PCHR).

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Assange Plans To Appeal High Court Decision Backing Extradition To United States

10 December 2021 — The Dissenter


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange | Photo by Cancillería Ecuador

Attorneys for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange plan to appeal to the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom after the country’s appeals court overturned a decision that blocked the extradition of Assange to the United States.

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