UK Crony Capitalism: Six weeks later…

Tuesday, 25 January 2022 — GoodLaw Project

Cressida Dick has finally confirmed that the Met Police will investigate the parties held in No 10 Downing Street and Whitehall after we initiated formal legal proceedings against them.

We first wrote to the Met six weeks ago warning that their decision not to investigate reports of parties in Downing Street appeared to be unlawful and we would sue them unless they reversed (or properly explained) it.

The Met’s determination to outsource this vital job to the civil service, via Sue Gray, was unbelievable then – and remains so now. It is hard to imagine the Met Police acting “in concert with” any other workplace that is suspected of wrongdoing, because they “have access to all sorts of things” and “know the systems” (to quote Dick’s announcement today).

We remain deeply concerned by the perception that it’s one rule for the Government and one rule for everyone else.

The Met must now ensure that justice is not only done but seen to be done – and the Prime Minister is treated as anyone else would be.

We are discussing today’s developments with our legal team and will update you on the next steps in our legal action soon.

Thank you,

Jo Maugham – Good Law Project

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