Crony Capitalism: This case will reshape society

22 November 2020 — Good Law Project

Kate Bingham heads up Britain’s vaccine task force. She’s a venture capitalist with no public health experience, married to a Conservative minister. Dido Harding leads the Test and Trace system. She has no public health experience and is the wife of a Conservative MP. Mike Coupe, is head of COVID-19 testing, and has – you guessed it – no public health experience. The list goes on.

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UK: £17 Billion COVID-19 contracts

9 November 2020 — Good Law Project

Our challenge to Government’s decision to hide COVID-19 spending has led it to disclose that the Department of Health has handed £17 billion worth of COVID-19 contracts to private companies since April. Fresh analysis by Tussell reveals Government has failed to publish details of £4.4billion of these contracts. Continue reading

UK: They are 6 months late

16 October 2020 — Good Law Project

You may remember Crisp Websites Limited, trading as PestFix, the company with last reported net assets of £18,047.

On the 10th June, we sent a judicial review pre-action protocol letter to the Government asking why they had agreed to pay 75% upfront for isolation suits worth £32m, to PestFix. PestFix had materially no assets, no experience in supplying PPE for use in a medical setting, and has since admitted supplying faulty facemasks. Along with EveryDoctor, we have issued judicial review proceedings and will have a hearing in late February. Continue reading

Goodlaw Project: Jacob Rees-Mogg

4 September 2020 — Goodlaw Project

Yesterday in Parliament, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP was questioned over the PPE fiasco that has seen the Government spend hundreds of millions of pounds on protective equipment that can’t be used by the NHS. The contract in question was handed to Ayanda Capital, an opaque private fund, with links to a Government advisor. His response?
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PPE: Why are they refusing to publish the contracts?

23 August 2020 — Good Law Project

We know from Treasury documents that Government has approved a staggering and unprecedented £15 billion for PPE procurement to protect frontline staff. But what we see is implausible counterparties, staggering sums of money, political connections, vast waste on duff product – and most of all a lack of transparency.

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