Ukraine News Links 17-18 February 2022

Friday, 18 February 2022 • 22:00 — The New Dark Age

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War In Ukraine Begins

Russia Begins Preparing for Refugees From Donbass

Before Making Conclusions…

Truths and lies about pledges made to Russia

Civil Defence Sirens Sound In Donetsk After Mass Evacuation Announcement – VIDEO

US Doubles Downs On Russian ‘Invasion’ Rhetoric At UN Amid Signs Of Donbass Offensive

The Brain-Dead Munich Analogy

Documents Reveal US Gov’t Spent $22M Promoting Anti-Russia Narrative in Ukraine and Abroad

Bryce Greene on Ukraine

What Is Going to Happen in Ukraine?

Putin’s Ukrainian Judo Revisited

War or Images of War?

US Doubles Downs on Russian ‘Invasion’ Rhetoric at UN Amid Signs of Donbass Offensive

NATO Insists On Russian Invasion Narrative To Justify New European Battlegroups

Escalation in the Donbass – OPEN THREAD CONTINUED

The latest “invasion map”, this time from Brits

Check out this Ukie “journalist” on Ukie TV tonight 🙂

Reminder SITREP: definition of “genocide”

War Inc. Throws an Invasion Party and No One Shows Up

Urgent Warning: “Russian” websites are being disconnected! (UPDATED)

Ukraine appears to have staged a “kindergarden attack” to cover its crimes & fuel anti Donbass propaganda

Determined To Instigate War In Ukraine (Videos, Photos)

Iran Unbound. What it means.

The EU should complement, not compete with, China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Bolsonaro’s ‘Solidarity’ With Russia: U.S. Unhappy

What Is Going to Happen in Ukraine?

Even though the Neocons and Neoliberals are drooling for war in Ukraine, Putin never intended a war

Statement by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Vershinin at UNSC briefing

BREAKING: Decisive Night For Eastern Ukraine (Videos, Photos)

Blinken’s glorious “Powell Moment” at the UNSC

Ukraine News Links 17 February 2022

Tucker Adds To My Previous Post.

The Desperation Sets In.

Statement by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Vershinin at UNSC briefing

Blinken’s Asia-Pacific Tour: Fighting the War by Other Means

What Is Going to Happen in Ukraine?

BBC ‘News’ Links

Fascinating how the BBC covers events (or doesn’t). For weeks the BBC has been clamouring for war against Russia, so you’d think that it’s coverage of events would be ongoing but it isn’t. Today for example, so far, only two stories and one of them isn’t about the Ukraine and, both were published online  late in the day. Clearly for the BBC, news is only  ‘news’  when it fits the state’s agenda. You’d think for example, that given both the US and UK govts have been predicting a Russian invasion for weeks now, the fact that it hasn’t happened was NEWS! Apparently not, according to the BBC.

Ukraine conflict: Russia accused of creating fake crisis in breakaway region

False flags: What are they and when have they been used?

Ukraine: What are Russia’s possible attack routes?

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