UK Official Secrets Act Proposals Take Cues From US Espionage Act Cases

Tuesday, 8 February 2022 — The Dissenter


British Home Secretary Priti Patel, a key official who supports expansion of the Official Secrets Acts (Photo from Priti Patel’s official Twitter account)

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The United Kingdom’s right-wing dominated government is on course to greatly expand its ability to prosecute and jail whistleblowers and journalists through amendments to the country’s Official Secrets Acts.

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Why Comparing Chinese Africa Investment to Western Colonialism Is No Joke

Monday, 31 January 2021 — FAIR

Daily Show: China Is Colonizing Africa

Trevor Noah (Daily Show12/16/21)

“Why China Is in Africa” (12/16/21) is a question Trevor Noah took up last month for Comedy Central‘s Daily Show. As with many of the topics taken up by the Daily Show, the issue is no joke: China has a large and growing economic presence in many African countries. The China/Africa deals cry out for analysis: Are they different from the deals on offer from Western countries like the US, Britain or France?

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Ukraine News Links 8-9 February 2022

Wednesday, 9 February 2022 • 15:00 — The New Dark Age

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US military can now use air bases in EU state bordering Ukraine

US Lawmakers Want Washington to Prioritize Domestic Security Over Ukraine

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Kill the Bill activist cleared of riot charges in Bristol

riot police in bristol line up with their helmets on and visors loweredRiot police in Bristol at a Kill the Bill protest

Activists in Bristol have won a partial court victory, as Jasmine York has been found not guilty of riot and of arson involving reckless likely to endanger life. However, York was found guilty of a lesser charge of arson, and has been released on bail pending sentencing on 14 March. The Jury returned a majority ‘not guilty’ verdict after York’s trial last week, and spent nearly 2 days in deliberation.

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A Health Public Policy Nightmare

Tuesday, 8 February 2022 — Dr W Malone

Vaccine spike antigen and mRNA persist for two months in lymph node germinal centers… protein production of spike is higher than those of severely ill COVID-19 patients!

Europe Should Leave NATO Behind And Integrate With Russia

8 Tuesday, February, 2022 — Moon of Alabama

The ongoing scuffle over Russia’s and China’s efforts to rearrange the global order continues

The recent Chinese Russian statement made it look as if Russia has completely turned its back to Europe and is now locked into an Eurasian destiny with China, Iran and the Central Asian states. That however does not seem to be Russia’s understanding.

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