Watch: Many Ukrainians Want Peace, Not War, With Russia

4 February 2022 — Breakthrough News

As the United States escalates the conflict with Russia over Ukraine and NATO expansion, what do Ukrainians want? Mainstream U.S. media has profiled a few Ukrainians in lockstep with the U.S., but what about those who don’t want to live in a warzone?

Dr. Yurii Sheliazhenko, executive secretary of the peace organization Ukrainian Pacifist Movement, outlines the demands for peace and diplomacy.
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The Specious Reasoning Behind Claims That The US Thwarted An Invasion Of Ukraine

Saturday, 5 February 2022 — Caitlin Johnson

by Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to a reading of this article:

Back in November The Military Times published a Ukrainian intelligence claim, which was picked up and repeated by numerous other mainstream publications, alleging that Russia was going to invade Ukraine by the end of January.

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The Year of the Tiger Starts with a Sino-Russian Bang

Thursday, 3 February 2022 — Global Research

Xi Jinping Receives Vladimir Putin at the Winter Olympics

By Pepe Escobar

The Year of the Black Water Tiger will start, for all practical purposes, with a Beijing bang this Friday, as Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, after a live meeting before the initial ceremony of the Winter Olympics, will issue a joint statement on international relations.

That will represent a crucial move in the Eurasia vs. NATOstan chessboard, as the Anglo-American axis is increasingly bogged down in Desperation Row: after all, “Russian aggression” stubbornly refuses to materialize.

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Don’t just do something, stand there!

Friday, 14 January 2022 — Dr Malcolm Kendrick

[I missed this one from Dr Kendrick because WordPress is so awful that it keeps turning off the delivery of essays to me!]

A few months ago, I resolved not to write anything more about COVID19. I was having zero apparent effect on anything, or anybody, and I was just getting increasingly despondent at the destruction of science, debate, logic, humanity, personal freedoms … life.

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