The March 2022 issue of ColdType (Issue 232) is now online

Wednesday, 23 February 2022 — Coldtype

This month’s issue remembers four important anniversaries: Belfast publisher Máirtin Ó Muilleoir describes his recent visit to Birmingham, Alabama, scene of some of the worst racial violence in the US 60 years ago, Binoy Kampmark revisits 60 years of vicious US sanctions on Cuba, Trevor Grundytells how, 100 years ago, white and black gold miners in South Africa battled profit-hungry mine owners on the streets of Johannesburg, and William Astore’s reflects on America’s 60 years of increasingly expensive and unsuccessful wars.

We’ve also got John Feffer on Canadian truckers’ protests, Ramzy Baroudon Russia’s new links with South America, Jonathan Cook on Israel and apartheid, John Pilger on western war propaganda, Tom Engelhardt on America’s two pandemics,and a magnificent 6-page photostory from San Francisco by Robert Gumpert. Plus our regular Insights section and more great reading.

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