Ukraine News Links 17-18 March 2022

Friday, 18 March 2022 — The New Dark Age

Three US instructors killed in the Donbass

Ukraine Update: South Africa Blames NATO For War And Will Resist Call To Blame Russia

Homes for Ukraine: A British welcome for refugees from Ukraine

Normal Butcheries:  Saudi Arabia’s Latest Mass Execution

Selected Articles: US Congress Admits Nazi Role in Ukraine

Western Double-Standards – Russian Oil Bad, Saudi Oil Good?

Military Situation In Severoodonetsk On March 17, 2022 (Map Update)

CNN Unintentionally Confirms Major Russian Accusation Against Zelensky

Military Situation In Ukraine On March 17, 2022 (Map Update)

Homicidal Drives: US Dreams of Killing Putin

War In Ukraine Day 22: Fog Of War Is Thinning

Ukraine Channel 24 calls for the extermination of all Russians, including women and children

Russian Slow Advance Faces Ukrainian Virtual Victories: Twenty-First Day Of Military Operations In Ukraine

Neo-Nazis In Ukraine Fake Incidents To Gain More ‘Western’ Support – Updated

Russia Mod: Briefing on analysis of documents related to US military and biological activities in Ukraine

Russian Warplanes Are Now Using Guided Glide Bombs To Hit Targets In Ukraine

Europe suspends ExoMars program over Russia sanctions

Macron fears Ukraine conflict will spark food crisis within months

Cheerleader of NATO wars spotted in Ukraine

U.S. Congress Admits Nazi Role in Ukraine

Reflections on War, Injections, and Terror at This Crossroads in History (part 1)

Weathering the Global Storm: Why Neutrality is Not an Option for Palestinians

NATO begins major war games near Russia

India blasted for not challenging Russia over Ukraine conflict

Bombshell: Ukraine: NATO in the Constitution

Ukrainian Biolabs: From Conspiracy Theory, to Conspiracy Fact, to ‘It’s Russia’s Fault!’

Italian newspaper responds to disinformation claims over Donetsk photo

In Video: Epic Fails Of Ukrainian Propaganda (UPDATED)

Foreign Fighters Fleeing From Ukraine (Videos)

UK to deploy air defense missiles to Poland

China’s Wait-and-See Inaction in the Ukraine War

After Syria, Ukraine is part two of World War III’: Senior Analyst

Ukraine Update: NATO To Rethink Of Europe Force Stance

Russia-Ukraine: A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Ukrainian Soldiers Using Civilian Car Destroy Russian Military Truck In Kharkiv Region Of Ukraine (Video)

In Video: Epic Fails Of Ukrainian Propaganda

In Video: Epic Fail Of Ukrainian Propaganda (UPDATED)

Beijing rebukes Washington’s threat over Russia sanctions

China hits back at NATO over Russia demand

Brazil sought Russia’s help with nuclear-powered submarine – media

Harvests of Fear: The Emerging Global Food Crisis

War and a “Hurricane of Hunger” – Transforming Food Systems

Homicidal Drives: US Dreams of Killing Putin

Weathering the Global Storm: Why Neutrality is Not an Option for Palestinians

Australia threatens China with sanctions for backing Russia

Pope Francis speaks on nuclear war and ‘the day after’

Military Situation In Ukraine On March 17, 2022 (Map Update)

War In Ukraine Day 21: Two Main Ukrainian Strongholds Close To Fall

Taiwan holds military drills near mainland China

US senator repeats call to assassinate Putin

The Russian ‘denazification’ PR disaster: How, why and what to do

Canada bans RT

White House ‘not interested’ in World War III

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On March 16, 2022 (Map Update)

Biden reveals details of $1bn Ukraine aid package

Russian children being bullied over Ukraine war

‘The Most Vulnerable People Lose When the US Imposes Sanctions’

Pentagon contractors worked in Ukrainian biolabs under $80 million program

Russian special military operation in the Ukraine – Day 20

Configuration Of Combat Forces And Expected Landing Near Odessa: Twentieth Day Of Military Operations In Ukraine

Washington turns to TikTok influencers to promote its narrative on Ukraine

New Footage Confirms Russian Patrol Boat Vasily Bykov Was Not ‘Sunk’ By Ukrainian Forces

More than a third of Americans willing to risk nuclear war over Ukraine – poll

#SquatTheLot – What the law says about occupying a sanctioned Russian oligarch’s mansion

The Straussians seek to turn Ukrainian conflict into religious war

Zelensky renews push for no-fly zone in address to US Congress

Ukraine Exposes White Supremacist Foreign Policy

US May Supply Ukrainian Forces With Miniature Kamikaze Drones

Yemen Retaliates Against Deadly Fuel Blockade by Targeting Saudi Oil

Ukraine Neo-Nazis Pictured with UK-made Rocket Launchers

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-28

Open Thread 2022-27 (Not Ukraine)

Remembering Pierre Beaudet: Teacher, Internationalist, Comrade

Ramsey Clark to Barack Obama: Stop the War in Ukraine! “Peaceful Coexistence” between Russia and America is the Answer

Military Escalation in Ukraine? Influx of Weapons, Mercenaries and Foreign Fighters

US considers sending ‘kamikaze drones’ to Ukraine – media

Pakistan’s PM welcomes UN resolution to combat Islamophobia

Foreign Fighters Flee from Ukraine

Message to Biden: Help De-Escalation in Ukraine or Risk Nuclear War

Russian Operations in Ukraine: Week 3

US, NATO, Russia, Ukraine and the Whiteness of Empire

Ukraine Update: Ultranationalist Mayor Exposed

Street artist paints Dostoevsky portrait in protest against censorship

PACE votes to expel Russia

Information Sovereignty More Important Than Ever

Boris Johnson visits Saudi Arabia on quest for more oil

Australia says China could use Ukraine ‘distraction’ to invade Taiwan

US urges India to think twice before buying Russian oil

Towards a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine!

Propaganda War on Ukraine Crisis

Making Sense of the New Cold War Dreamscape

Central Asia Struggles With the Consequences of Russia’s War

Selected Articles: ‘There are 25+ US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine’: Tulsi Gabbard

No #HealthForAll without peace: Attack on healthcare facilities is war crime, must stop

Putin’s name removed from 9/11 memorial

War In Ukraine Day 20: Tipping Processes Amid Absence Of High-Profile Declarations Of Victory

Musk doubles down on Putin fight challenge

EU unleashes new sanctions on Russia

Behind the Azov-Brazil Connection: How Neo-Nazis Are Pushing to “Ukrainize” Brazil

Ukraine News Links 14-15 March 2022

Israel’s Links to Ukraine’s Thriving Neo-Nazi Movement

Foreign Volunteer Fighters for Ukraine FORCED to Stay Against their Will!

Thinking About Going To Ukraine To Volunteer?

Russia Showcases Captured And Destroyed Ukrainian Equipment Amid Diplomatic And Humanitarian Stalemate

Vengeance Is Coming: Nineteenth Day Of Military Operations In Ukraine

Street Fighting And Military Developments In Mariupol (Videos)

Russian special military operation in the Ukraine – Day 19

Biden to visit Europe amid Ukraine conflict

NATO chief announces major ‘strengthening’ of the alliance

China responds to sanctions threat

Yavorov military base obliterated

Cameraman shot alongside Fox News reporter in Ukraine dies

100,000 Brits sign up to house Ukrainian refugees

The War on Humanity…

US looks for ways to get heavy Soviet weaponry to Ukraine – media

A rant followed by a big dream followed by some thoughts on psychedelics and the microbiome

Chris Hedges: Waltzing Toward Armageddon with the Merchants of Death

Russia Calls Western Arms Shipments to Ukraine ‘Legitimate Targets’

Far-right Extremists in Ukraine Brag They Have Received Training from the Canadian Forces: Report

Video: ‘There are 25+ US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine’: Tulsi Gabbard

Chinese FM Raises Six Key Questions on US Bio Labs in Ukraine, Demanding Truth

Putin’s Brave New World: Russia’s Objectives in Ukraine, and What They Mean for the West

Is Washington Fighting Russia Down to the Last Ukrainian? Ron Paul

Russia in Ukraine: Qui Bono?

Who Actually Caused this War in Ukraine?

Moscow reveals whether US sanctions would harm Iran deal

Ukraine Merges Nazis and Islamists to Fight Russians

French employer federation rules on business with Russia

Romania comments on foreign drone crash

Tulsi Gabbard responds to ‘Russian asset’ accusations

Ignatieff talks up Russia’s nuclear option in Ukraine invasion

Air traffic disrupted in Germany

US comments on possibility of blockading Russian international trade

Germany reveals cost of embargo on Russian energy

Eight arrested over protest at mansion linked to Russian oligarch

Ending dependence on Russian energy will be ‘painful’ – Johnson

Venezuela oil deal not being discussed, White House says

China names world’s ‘hacking empire’

US warns China against helping Russia

161,000 face ‘catastrophic’ levels of hunger in Yemen

What Polls About a Ukraine ‘No-Fly Zone’ Really Tell Us

Khury Petersen-Smith on Economic Sanctions, Greg LeRoy on Amazon Subsidies

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