Ukraine News Links 5-6 April 2022

Wednesday. 6 April 2022 — The New Dark Age

Russian Army Destroyed Ukrainian Navy Command Ship In Mariupol Port (Photos)

Military Situation In Ukraine On April 6, 2022 (Map Update)

It won’t be possible to keep Russia out of UN Security Council

Gazprom winds up operations in Germany

Ukraine: Hobson’s choice

Cancel Culture and Polarization in the Age of COVID: How To Agree To Disagree

Re-Visiting Russiagate In Light Of The Ukraine War

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-42

‘Gods of War’: How the US Weaponized Ukraine Against Russia

Russian Stand-Off Cruise Missile Scores Direct Hit On Target In Ukraine’s Mykolaiv (Photos)

Stray naval mine found in Black Sea

Ukrainian Soldiers Film Themselves Calling Up Mothers of Russian Soldiers Killed in Action and Mocking Them

The Bucha Massacre. Ukraine Fake News

US cautions India over Russian weapons

French voters could strike a major blow to globalism

Zelensky’s Sabotage of Ukraine-Russia Peace Negotiations on Behalf of Washington

From Corona to Ukraine, the awakening of the non-Western world

Is the Pentagon Planning to Use Ukraine Biolabs to Attack Russia?

EU explains why it continues to arm Ukraine

Update: How Both Putin and Biden Bungled in Ukraine. Analysis of the Bucha Tragedy

Russia reacts to Zelensky assassination claims

Canada’s History of Promoting Anti-Russian Ukrainian Nationalism

Humanitarian Mission In Ukraine: Results, Wills, And Possible Cooperation

Western military alliance to work on hypersonic weapons

US reveals more military aid for Ukraine

Britain tells Russians to use VPN

Is Europe Really More Civilized? Ukraine Conflict a Platform for Racism and Rewriting History

Selected Articles: Massacre in Bucha. Was It a False Flag?

War In Ukraine Day 40: Russian Progress On Eastern Front Amid Political Fog

Major conflict between great powers more likely – General Milley

Canada’s War Propaganda, Censorship and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Military Situation In Ukraine On April 5, 2022 (Map Update)

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On April 5, 2022 (Map Update)

On Its Seventh Anniversary, Yemen Seeks to End a War the World Has Forgotten

Ukraine: Hobson’s choice

The West Is Afraid Fortunately For It And All Mankind

With Bucha Provocation the US Tries to Hush Up the Revelations of its Bioweapons Development

Canada’s History of Promoting Anti-Russian Ukrainian Nationalism

Is the US Planning to Assassinate Pakistan’s Imran Khan?

A Call For Calm & Objective Reporting About The Bucha Incident

This Is My Talking Head For April 5.

From Korea to Libya: On the Future of Ukraine and NATO’s Neverending Wars

The Coming Global Financial Revolution

Why the EU is Confronting China

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