Black Agenda Report October 26, 2022

Wednesday, 26 October 2022 — — Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Report October 26, 2022

DOCUMENT: Prologue: The Global Fragility Act, April 2022
Editors, The Black Agenda Review
The US is ushering a new foreign policy doctrine through “The Global Fragility Act.” We need to not only understand these new forms of imperial practice, but to also see the cunning use of language in the service of US imperialism.

Biden Orders Progressives to Denounce Themselves on Ukraine
Margaret Kimberley
Progressives made a mealy mouthed appeal to Biden to engage in talks regarding Ukraine. He slapped them down and they in turn slapped themselves.

The Importance of the 20th CPC National Congress to the World
Danny Haiphong
Corporate media fail in the most basic of journalistic standards when covering China. The recent 20th National Congress of the CPC was an opportunity to convey important information instead of “China is bad” tropes.

Ethiopia Nears Victory in its Civil War, US Scrambles to Control the Outcome
Ann Garrison
War between Ethiopia and the TPLF may be coming to an end, but the US is using sanctions to have the final word despite the apparent defeat of its proxy.

Stare Decisis? (Kansas City killer/kidnapper/serial rapist following in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers?)
Raymond Nat Turner
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

Margaret Kimberley and Danny Haiphong on US War Propaganda and Billionaire Control of US Politics
Margaret Kimberley, Danny Haiphong
Black Agenda Report editors and columnists Margaret Kimberley and Danny Haiphong discussed Ukraine, the U.S. oligarchy, and the Haitian struggle against U.S. and U.N. occupation.

BAR Book Forum: Sami Schalk’s Book, “Black Disability Politics”
Roberto Sirvent
This week’s featured author is Sami Schalk. Schalk is Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Her book is Black Disability Politics.

The NED’s Role in Undermining Democracy in Haiti
Travis Ross
The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is the soft power arm of the CIA. Its operations in Haiti have played a large role in undermining sovereignty.

The Rot of LA’s Neoliberal Democratic Party Politics
Quetzal Cáceres
The recording of racist remarks by Los Angeles politicians is the tip of a neo-liberal iceberg of political corruption, and the Black political class are of no use to their constituents.

An Inversion of Truth: the TPLF and its Commitment to Peace
Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion
The conflict between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF has been marked by a well coordinated disinformation campaign. The effectiveness of that campaign should not forgotten, even as the parties involved begin peace talks.

AFRICOM Watch Bulletin #42
US Out of Africa Network
The Black Alliance for Peace AFRICOM Watch Bulletin #42 focuses on the role of AFRICOM in creating coups across the continent and speaks with Ameth Lô, who is a member of the Group for Research and Initiatives for the Liberation of Africa in Toronto, Canada. And as always the Bulletin presents the latest analysis and reporting.

Nuclear High Noon in Europe
Scott Ritter
Now is the time for Biden to clarify U.S. nuclear doctrine. But he remains silent.

West Must Stop Blocking Ukraine-Russia Negotiations
Vijay Prashad
The refusal to initiate talks is prolonging a war that is ugly and unnecessary.

The Black Alliance for Peace Welcomes Delayed Security Council Vote on Western Invasion of Haiti
Black Alliance for Peace
The Black Alliance for Peace amplifies the demand of the Haitian people. UN representatives of the Peoples Republic of China and the Russian Federation must use their veto power to stop the cycle of occupation and invasion.

Manufacturing Consent for the Containment and Encirclement of China
Carlos Martinez
Western media are waging a systematic propaganda campaign against China, to manufacture consent for the US-led new cold war.

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