Ukraine News Links 25-26 October 2022

Wednesday, 26 October 2022 — The New Dark Age

Andrei Raevsky Posted…

Of Note.

Russia’s ‘Dirty Bomb’ Scare

The endless proxy war, by design

101st Airborne Deployed to Ukraine’s Border ‘Ready To Fight Tonight’

24 hours after calling for negotiations to end Ukraine war, DSA and “progressive” Democrats demand escalation

Wicked Leaks, Part 1: How The Media Quarantined Evidence On Nord Stream Sabotage

Western Media Smear President Xi’s “Aggressive China” As CIA Front Holds Secessionist Summit in Taiwan

US Breaks Ice, Russia Thaws

Incredible, Unbearable, Incomprehensible Lightness of Wanting to Be Human . . . That Way!

Why is the US surveying the Kyrgyz-Tajik border, and when will similar trips be made by representatives of Russia and China to the US border?

My Talking Head Today.

West Must Stop Blocking Negotiations Between Ukraine And Russia

Ukraine Plans Provocation With ‘Dirty Bomb’ Nuclear Warhead

‘It’s Extra Problematic When the Implications Are the End of Democracy’ – CounterSpin interview with Julie Hollar and Jim Naureckas on the 2022 elections

Who Is This ‘Haiti’ That’s Appealing for Intervention?

Russia to discuss Ukraine ‘dirty bomb’ preparation in UNSC

Selected Articles: The War in Ukraine: Made in Washington Not Moscow

Is Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine “Really Worse” Than America’s & UK’s Invasion of Iraq?

The War in Ukraine: Made in Washington Not Moscow

On Going Seriously Boom

The Ukrainians are in a lot of trouble (Douglas Macgregor)

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